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Email: nes-mini a nx trojan horse

Hello Master Malstrom:

I have been following with amusement all of the back and forth on Neogaf. The hardcore are in meltdown mode about active cooling, and dev kits and flops, throwing out speculation and rumor as fact. I think they are missing a larger part of the NX picture, one that has nothing to with specs.

Its the NES-Mini.

It dawned on me that the NES mini serves a few purposes. Obviously it will make obscene profits, but I think that is only one reason for its existence. Another one of its functions is be to bring lapsed gamers back into the Nintendo ecosystem.

I think the real function of the Mini is to release as many classic NES controllers back into gamers hands as possible for use on the NX virtual console.

For years, the Wii and 3ds virtual consoles have aggravated my friends and I because of imprecise controls. No matter what we used, whether it was Wii remote or classic controller or gamepad, it just didn’t add up to satisfying control. My friends and I would say stuff like “if they just released all those old controllers for use on the VC, they could make a killing”

Now it is a reality. These controllers will be sold separately for ten dollars. After the gamers have played the 30 games on the mini, where will they go next?

NX Virtual console.

The virtual console slowed to a drip in the last few years because Nintendo could not figure out the best way to monetize it. Now they have figured it out. The Nes mini is using usb ports. The NX is using usb ports. It all fits.

The GCN adapter for Smash Bros on Wii U was just research for this next phase. Nintendo does not think in the short term. They are very smart. People think they just release products for no good reason. But even when they release a stinker like Wii U, they are constantly test marketing, trying to figure stuff out.

Anyway, after the reveal the stock will dip briefly, then I will buy some and hang on for the ride.


You raise a good point. What is the purpose of the NES Mini?

Above: Play it reader. Think. Think hard.

A. To make easy profit for Nintendo.

B. Just as mobile games are to channel smartphone players to NX, NES-Mini is to channel lapsed gamers to NX.

C. To create a new market space in the China-retro-console area.

D. To popularize classic gaming as Nintendo consoles fuel from classic gaming renaissances more than anyone else.

What shall it be reader?

“Gee, I don’t know.”

You have three lifelines available. You can see market research on the gaming market, phone a friend, or call on the wisdom of past Nintendo presidents.

“I want to see market research on the gaming market!”

 Mintel has a report on how the gaming market longs for a time when gaming was not just about graphics, that there is much nostalgia about cartridge based systems.


Are you ready for an answer?

“I’m still unsure. I want to see the wisdom of past Nintendo Presidents.”

Very well…

For young players, classic games are brand new. For older players, they bring back memories and make you feel good. - Satoru Iwata

“I still don’t know…”

You have one lifeline available.

“I know! I’ll call my friend, Mr. Hardcore Gamer!”

*ring ring*

“Yo! Wut’s that!? Interrupting my game!!!!! Foo!”

“Mr. Hardcore Gamer…?”

“Yo! Yo!”

“I have a question. Do you know what the purpose of the NES Mini is?”

“Wha’s that????”

“Remake of an old console.”

“Oh! You mean like dah Xbox! Dang man! THAT SHIT SO OLD!”

“Uh… older…”

“No way, man! Probably stupid fly! Just easy profit for dah company! If Nintendo knew what it was doing, it would make an Xbox, yo! Now get on dah Xbox Live, we got some Call O Dooty to play!”

*hangs up*

“Thank Mr. Hardcore Gamer. I am so glad I called him. He seems to know all the answers to gaming.”

Have you decided your final answer?

“I have. It is A: Make easy profit for Nintendo.”

Is that your final answer?

“Uh huh.”

You’re kidding.


Well, you blew it, reader. Believer it or not, the answer was B: to market such gamers to the NX.

“Noooo! It can’t be! Your people must be wrong. It has to be…”

Sorry, reader, but you blew it. Stay tuned again next week for another episode of ‘What is Nintendo’s Strategy?’ See you then!



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