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How Nintendo innovates its IPs in past versus today

“But if Nintendo never made a Mother M or Federation Force, how would the franchises be innovated?”

Nintendo already has answered this. It is by putting out TWO games with innovations. Which innovation do you choose, market?


Innovation of Traditional Gameplay-

Donkey Kong

Innovation of New Gameplay-

Dkc snes boxart.jpg

Winner: New Gameplay. Donkey Kong Country was a smash hit and won the 16-bit console war for Super Nintendo.

Choose your innovation!


A woman in a powered exoskeleton kneels down and faces the viewer.

Innovation of 2d Metroid into Storytime

A person in a big, futuristic-looking powered suit with a helmet, a firearm on the right arm and large, bulky, and rounded shoulders, stands on an industrial-like corridor. Atop the image is the Nintendo GameCube logo, and the text "Only for" in the upper left corner. In the bottom of the image, the title "Metroid Prime" in front of an insignia with a stylized "S", the Official Nintendo Seal of Quality, Nintendo's logo, and ESRB's rating of "T".

Innovation of Metroid into 3d

Winner was Metroid Prime. Metroid Prime is the best selling Metroid game ever made and the most critically acclaimed Nintendo game aside from Ocarina of Time.

Nintendo has never been the one to FORCE innovation onto the poor Nintendo fan. If the fans stopped buying it, they stopped doing it.

The problem is that Nintendo wants to believe that fans love the games they want to make. 3d Mario is something Nintendo thinks fans LOVE. Then sales of NSMB DS and Wii came out. Iwata was so excited that Super Mario 3d World would make Wii U sales rise to heaven. He was very wrong. 3d Mario will never overtake 2d Mario. 2d Mario is also much cheaper to make and more accessible.

After the hit Ocarina of Time, Nintendo wanted to believe Aonuma-isms of ‘story’ and ‘puzzles’ was what Zelda was about. But Breath of the Wild is about an ‘open world’ where you ‘do what you want’ has already received much better reception than any Zelda in recent memory. (Twilight Princess was thought to be an Ocarina of Time redux. Fun game, but it was not Ocarina of Time levels of awesomeness).

I’m worried that Nintendo developers, who are getting old and gray haired, are getting stubborn and going to do whatever they want to do. This is why we are getting weird Metroid games. I want to visit the imagination of Sakamoto and Tanabe when they imagine the world market going crazy for Other M and Federation Force. Their powers of imagination are quite something! I also wonder of Miyamoto’s imagination when he thought putting DVD tutorials with Super Mario Galaxy 2 would cause it to be a huge hit. And what is with the ‘time for 3d’ 3ds and the crazy gamepad for Wii U?

Common Sense Nintendo is the BEST Nintendo.






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