Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 14, 2016

Is Blizzard dying?

After news of Metzen leaving Blizzard, here is news of Rob Pardo making a new game studio here.

To early Blizzard gamers, such as myself, we are suspecting something is very wrong with Blizzard lately. Blizzard currently has six games available.

World of Warcraft – Just released Legion. What are the subscription numbers? Blizzard doesn’t say. This game is on its way out.

Diablo 3 – Totally screwed up. Blizzard didn’t understand what Blizzard North did to make Diablo successful. This franchise is in danger.

Starcraft 2 – Starcraft’s franchise is finished after the disaster of Starcraft 2. No one plays Starcraft 2. The storyline of Starcraft 2 doesn’t go anywhere and certainly doesn’t open up the franchise to wonder like Brood War did.

Hearthstone – This very successful game depended on guys like Pardo. How long will this game last? We’ll see.

Overwatch – Perhaps the last good developer left at Blizzard is overseeing Overwatch.

Heroes of the Storm – Dead game. Just tried the Machines of War, and I am not impressed (first map in a YEAR). The MVP screen isn’t really accurate and shows that Blizzard doesn’t really know what to do with this game. All they are doing is getting focus group feedback and responding in a reactionary way.

With the exception of Overwatch, I see danger signs all over Blizzard. Like many other companies, Blizzard is doing the ‘all the above’ method of gaining revenue from DLC to endless expansions. Soon, Blizzard may even do Amibos or something similar.

We’ll find out more after Blizzcon. I’m expecting a Diablo 4 MMO because that franchise needs help. HOTS will have Arena.



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