Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 15, 2016

Emails: talking about election

Here is the first one.


Straight and to the point.

Here is another:

Here is an interesting post from Scott Adams, the Dilbert comic book writer. He mentions the humiliation Obama gave Trump at the Correspondent’s Dinner in 2011. In an earlier post, I suspect it was at that point that Trump decided to go for the office himself. Adams also mentions about the personality of winning. One of the more… unique… things about Trump is that he has written many business books. Many of these may have formed the foundation of other business books that people look today.

But about the personality of winning, it goes like this. People have four types of personalities.

Some people want to be COMFORTABLE.

Some people want to be LIKED.

Some people want to be RIGHT.

Some people simply want to WIN.

Everyone in your life can be placed into one of those personalities. Businessmen always reprogram their personality to be wanting to win.

I, myself, have a default tendency to want to be comfortable. I’d love to spend the day playing a turn based strategy game with a hot beverage. I would love to stay in bed for a few more hours. One way I’ve dealt with this was to true the ‘comfort times’ as rewards for winning. The more I win, the more I get to sleep or play turn based strategy games with a hot beverage. Everyone has their tricks.



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