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Email: Election

You don’t actually believe there’s something “real” going on with this Hilary Vs. Trump nonsense do you Malstrom?

You strike me as the kind of guy who should be fully red pilled on this subject already which is to say that US presidential elections at least are all WWE styled “play fighting” for the idiot public to get wound up over, to laugh and cheer, boo and cry about and THINK they actually have a genuine choice in the matter between candidate Feces Sandwhich A or candidate Feces Sandwhich B.

Meanwhile the fix is in.

No way in hell Trump is going to be president even though he just like Clinton are both hand selected puppets of the (((lobby))).

Well not unless this business about her “health problems” is legitimate and not just more high drama for the plebs to latch onto and go “Ooh and Ahh!” over and make their worthless comments back and forth to eachother buying into the whole spectacle.

I mean if she passes out while giving a speech on live TV then and only then will we likely be gearing up for 4 or 8 years of the puppet Trump but barring that highly unlikely possibility Hilary is pretty much a lock.

She’s been a loyal toadie for (((them))) all these years so now itz her time to be rewarded.

Anyway with you running a family blog and all (lol) I don’t expect this particular email to be put up on your site and thats fine but I just find it odd you’d waste your time on this utter predictable dog and pony show WWE staged theater garbage.

Maybe its fun for you to pretend its real? I dunno.


A family blog?

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Above: “Hey guys, it is family night! Let us gather around and read that Malstrom blog!”

Unfortunately, elections matter to financial investors since the legal landscape changes. Many companies are not hiring now and will wait until after the elections. I hate it. But it is what it is.

Here is another email:

Well, it is not like there is ton of NX news to talk about. Nintendo has kept a tight lid on this.

There are some assumptions that I find mystifying. 2016 will not be like 2012 since the candidates are all very different. Does anyone think Clinton will perform better than Obama anywhere? Does anyone think Trump will perform worse than Romney everywhere? Look at the 2012 election data:

Florida- Obama: 50.01%  Romney: 49.13%.   That is less than one percent!

Ohio- Obama won with less than 3%.

Virginia- 3.87% margin for Obama

Colorado- 5.37% margin for Obama

Pennsylvania- 5.39% margin for Obama

New Hampshire- 5.58% margin for Obama

Iowa- 5.81% margin for Obama

Nevada- 6.68% margin for Obama

Going the other way…

North Carolina – 2.04% for Romney

Georgia – 7.83% for Romney

And it just goes on up from there.

While the candidates are different, what I find curious is that the same states I am hearing about in the news today are those low Obama victory margin states. With a state like Florida, that seems like a lock for Trump. And even though Trump came second in the Ohio primary, he got more votes than Clinton there. One could consider Ohio almost safe for Trump too at this point. Throw in a combination of Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia, and it is all over.

Living in the south, one thing I know is that ‘southern candidates’ do not do so well in the North East. Clinton may have been senator of New York, but she is from Arkansas. There could be surprises in New England.

Anyway, maybe when this is all over we can talk about it more. Onto other things…





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