Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 19, 2016

Malstrom buys a Turbographx 16

The SNES overshoots my needs with some overly-complicated and long games (the RPGs, adventures). The NES undershoots my needs because so many of the games are too primitive in gameplay. But the Turbographx 16…. oh baby. That hits the sweet spot.

Above: the reader is definitely jealous that Malstrom has a Turbographx 16 and he/she doesn’t! Too bad, reader!

But what have I done!? This is going to be a very expensive game console. SNES is awesome. Genesis is awesome. But the third brother of the 16 bit generation must be recognized! The games on it are probably the best. Shmup heaven. Bomberman galore. And some Zelda 1 and 2 clones. Oh yes.

Above: The games are so awesome, not even the effeminate guy can be a distraction.

“But Malstrom, I have Turbographx 16 games emulated or on Virtual Console.”

You traitor to gaming! Play on real hardware. Emulation is for wusses.

But damn, this controller cord is too short. What were they thinking???



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