Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 26, 2016

Nintendo will reveal NX in a Nintendo Direct… a deleted source says

Take a look at this story.

In the middle, it says: [Editor’s note: A snippet of this conversation has been removed at the request of Nintendo of Canada.]

Whoa. So I do one minute of looking up the cached version of the page because the Internet doesn’t forget. Here is the deleted part.

Andrew: Before we begin, let me just tell you that if you have any questions about the Nintendo NX, we’ll probably be cutting this interview short!

David: (laughs) I guess it’s really that bad, huh?

Andrew: Almost everyone leads the interview with that, and Nintendo is not ready to discuss this yet. Once we are, Nintendo will most likely hold a Nintendo Direct in the future – before launch – to discuss it.


Oh my goodness! Scandal, reader! Scandal! The cat is out of the bag! You heard it first! Nintendo of Canada, send out the ninjas. The NX has been revealed with this devastating account.

Above: I actually learned something with this video.

This dirty secret from the cache will likely destroy the entire launch of NX. I mean, who knew that the NX would be explained in a direct…. BEFORE launch???? I mean, this beats the Wii U of Nintendo explaining the console AFTER launch! (seriously) Such a big secret!

This super secret information was removed from the website. Message forums like Neogaf copied it too, and they found it removed as well. So Malstrom has to step in and REVEAL THE BIG BIG BIG SECRET.

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