Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 27, 2016

Square Enix botches Minecraft clone

Does this game look familiar?


There is no multiplayer. No multiplayer online. No multiplayer offline. Nothing.

I was an alpha tester for Minecraft sending Notch feedback. I remember when he was putting in all this stuff. Square Enix doesn’t get it. Or maybe they do not want Minecraft, which is a huge hit with young people, to direct the youngsters to WRPGs and, instead, to direct them to JRPGs like Dragon Quest. Maybe this is a ‘defend Japanese culture’ type game.

But no multiplayer? Bah.

No one gives Minecraft the credit it deserves. Minecraft is, perhaps, one of the top five influential video games ever made. Minecraft popularized random 3d world generation, popularized crafting, and re-invented the video game business model with the ‘early access’ or paying to play the alpha. Minecraft was not the most beautiful game with pretty graphics and sound. The game is a bunch of blocks. But it outsells countless games with ‘next gen graphics’.

Minecraft was a Blue Ocean game. Now, that ocean is becoming red.



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