Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 29, 2016

Email: Sony Exec: Portable gaming is dead

How about this for a good laugh:
Well this is a clear sign that Sony has no plans to make a Vita follow up but pretty much everyone knows that thing is dead in the water.  Even those who liked the Vita will tell you Sony made no real effort to promote it or make compelling software for it. Those who are playing Vitas will even tell you they mostly use it to play old PS1 games and indie titles.
I find it amusing that Sony sees the Vita’s failure as “Portable Gaming being dead.”  Yet more people are playing on portable devices than ever namely smartphones and of course the 3DS is doing fine and Nintendo knows this which is probably why the NX will be a handheld device that can plug into a TV.  If anything is going away it will be the “plug into a TV” console.
Sony’s strategy with portable is similar as the strategy with home consoles. It was NOT dedicated gaming. The PSP was to be a multi-media machine. Remember all the hoopla about watching movies on the PSP with the PSP disc (whatever it was called). They thought PSP disc was going to be the new DVD or something.
What happened was the video Ipod. The ipod destroyed the PSP’s music differentiation and the video iPod removed the movie playback. With smartphones, it has removed every differentiation from the PSP and Vita except for certain button intense games.
Sony was never interested in the handheld dedicated gaming market in Generation 7. Sony was to use the console to push and establish every other entertainment form to boost the entire company of Sony. Ironically, dedicated gaming is the only reason why people buy the Vita or PS4.
It is dedicated gaming that is saving these game consoles, not the multi-media functions that used to be pushed so hard as soon as a few years ago.


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