Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 10, 2016

Turbografx 16 update

Channeling Naroon: Born Nintendo, but my heart is Turbografx 16!

Genesis or Super Nintendo? The poor Turbografx 16 has been neglected mostly because not too many people have played it. Yet, it has a cult following. What is going on here?

Turbografx 16 was designed to go after the NES. The games are FASTER (without slowdown) and much prettier. But the Genesis and Super Nintendo knock it out by their own leaps.

There was always an uncomfortable gap between NES and SNES that I never liked. NES games were mysterious, obsessive to play with awesome gameplay, a little too hard, and too rough. SNES games, early on, started off where I wanted them. But SNES games became long, too cinematic, and lost the intense gameplay.

Turbografx 16 is right in between. The games are all consistently more sophisticated than the SNES but still have the ‘Nintendo hard’ addictiveness in them.

Some games are really great like R-type, Devil’s Crush, Final Soldier, Salamander, and Gradius. But some I still don’t understand why anyone likes them like Legendary Axe. I’m currently soldiering through Neutopia. The game is remarkably boring, but it gets more interesting at the end. The fire wand is amazing in that game. The higher your health, the more power it does, some times it makes flame pillars.

Anyone have any recommendations of TG 16 games I should play? I do not have the CD attachment alas.



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