Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 13, 2016

TG 16 music

Here is some game music for your reading pleasure.


Poor reader! He or she cannot play the blessed TG 16 games on authentic hardware. Be warned. This is likely the first major worth-collecting console to become significantly rare in North America. Soon, it may be impossible to get.

$222 for the cheapest one.

$569 Turbo Duo System

$522 Turbo Duo System

And by consoles worth getting, I do NOT mean the Atari Jaguar or even the Neo Geo. I consider 5 cartridge consoles that should be obtained based on their libraries: NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, and Turbografx 16. (Most of the Master system games can be played on a Genesis anyway.) The prices are going up on all of them. But the Turbografx 16 is rapidly becoming out of reach and will soon become rare… at least the North American versions.

Most of the TG 16 games are increasingly out of stock and/or pricey at $100+ and often $300+.

Now excuse me while I enjoy some… TURBO POWER!!!!



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