Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 15, 2016

The era of a TV centric game console is over

Take a look at this story.

Let us pretend the reader is the CEO of Nintendo.

“Oh boy!” squeals the reader.

You have data that shows everyone abandoning TV viewing. The upcoming generation, your primary audience, do not even watch the TV at all.

Question: Do you invest billions of dollars in making a console that connects to a TV or DO YOU DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT?

“Well… I…. gee… um…”

This is where the NX is going. The NX will not be a TV centric console like prior consoles have been. As the TV evaporates, you have the gravity well of the PC pulling back gamers and games. Microsoft is fine with this and will place their game consoles on both. Sony is not fine with this and is creating a defense move to prevent losing console gamers to the PC (the PS4 Pro). Outside of the PC, there are all other types of devices such as tablets, smartphones, and whatever else is coming.

While I think every analyst is going to frame NX as in trying to do something quirky to create attention, some ‘gimmick’, I know that Nintendo follows data of the future. The Wii-mote and DS touchscreen were not just ‘gimmicks’, they came from a strategy following the data of the future.

If this is true, consider how hilarious and wrong the Seventh Generation was in their ‘battle over the TV’ with HD-DVD and Blu-Ray and media centers. People will be laughing about that as we laugh today about the Pippen and 3DO trying to bring in CDs and ‘the computer experience’ to our living rooms so we wouldn’t have to buy a PC. Hahahahahahha.

Nintendo revealing the NX is not just revealing Nintendo’s direction, it is revealing Nintendo’s interpretation of the console market future. It is information Nintendo wants to keep wrapped up for as long as possible. They want Microsoft and Sony to keep making wrong decisions.



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