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The Hot Rodding of video games

I love my Turbografx 16. However, it comes with the standard AF connection which SUCKS. I literally get a headache looking at the screen. To those who do not know, the AF connection is like what the Atari 2600 uses. Both video and audio is on it. The lines of walls are literally vibrating because of this connection.

Now, for the TG 16, there is a solution in the TurboBooster which costs $100+ (or some other mod you can do) to turn it into composite. You can also mod the TG 16 to do another display.

The TG 16 is an extreme example of a console manufacturer cheapening out parts which is why you need to get a multi-tap (for multiplayer) or a turbo booster for a decent composite connection. Where I’m going with this is that there is ‘good enough’. It is freaking TG 16.

Look at the NES Mini. It has HDMI connection. This is good because TVs have HDMI connections. The old NES connection isn’t as common on TVs as it used to be. This aside, there is a group of people who are obsessed in getting the ‘best display possible’ from their NES. They hack and mod their NES, put it through different machines, to get ‘the perfect signal’.

It is an NES game. It was never designed for High Definition or to be displayed on GIGANTIC TVs. Putting a NES on a movie sized screen isn’t exactly the smartest idea. Is this the proper way to play these machines?

When I look at the TG 16 for example, it has short cords (controller cord). Sure, they may have cheaped out on putting in more wire. But a question needs to be asked, “What is the best way to play this thing?” Are we so certain that it should be played in a large living room with a gigantic TV with you being on the couch? I am seriously considering getting a small TV and just stashing the TG 16 up to it. I am not watching a movie. I am playing a game. As someone who considers arcade gaming the peak of gaming, how large were those screens? You were close to them which didn’t matter. What mattered more were the authentic controls.

Imagine the absurdity of someone bragging they are playing Gameboy games on a 4k television set. Who cares about the pristine condition of those graphics? They are terrible no matter what you do with it. Most of old gaming is.

What bothers me lately with the retro gamers is the obsession is off from gaming and more on ‘the game of being the smartest person in the room’. They mod their old console and show it off. “This console has an X connection.” It looks the same despite what they say. You cannot do much with 1990 and below graphics. They do not talk about PLAYING the game. It is like they are building a type of shrine.

I am seeing this occur with modern gaming too especially with the remasters. When I think of a remaster, I think of Super Mario All-Stars. The game was a great value because not only were the Mario games in 16-bit display and on the SNES, there were four games including one not available locally. It was a great value. However, this is not what remasters do today. In order to sell the remaster, they are saying, “The game you originally bought is the obsolete experience.”

Gamers are suckers for not wanting to miss out on ‘new experiences’ or ‘complete experiences’. They feel they are missing something from these remasters. They aren’t, but gamers haven’t realized that fact yet. “Man, I just bought the Remastered Version. I got the definitive version, man.” Until they do a Remaster of the Remaster (which they will. Watch).

Why do games have to be remastered?

What great gameplay innovation came out since the original game? Nothing. It is just more ‘graphics’ and perhaps some downloadable content included. They are also remastering the wrong games. There are older games which not only could use a nice clean new display with perhaps some newly done art, there are serious gameplay issues that can be fixed.


While I understand the Japanese version has saving, the original Metroid needs saving. It could also use an auto-map. And a way to power up to full health instead of shooting bugs from pipes all day. A Remastered Metroid would be very useful. A Metroid 2 Remaster is sorely needed.

-Kid Icarus-

This game could use a remaster. The difficulty of the first stage could be tweaked. There could be saves. In fact, every password game should be re-released with saves. “But we have save state.” You know what I mean.

A remastered game could include second quests. A remastered Super Metroid or Link to the Past could include another quest.

The games they are remastering are modern games which all they do is plop the engine onto the new hardware, buff up the graphics, and call it a day. The game, itself, isn’t functionally different.

STOP BUYING REMASTERS. A remaster is just telling you they didn’t make the game correct the first time around. Reward the developers by buying none of their games. Remaster the gameplay, not the graphics.



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