Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 18, 2016

Civilization 6 trailer is terrible



I love the music, but why is there ANY talking at all? “Mankind knows how to push its limits…” thanks for telling us, jackass. It’s not like we couldn’t see that in the trailer itself.

Does no one know how to write anymore? No, I don’t believe they do. Do not state the obvious.

Besides, why is the wife in cockpit of the space ship? So the man has to do all the inventing, the fighting, the building, and then women get to leave the Earth? Is that what the Civ 6 trailer is telling me? Is this poetic form telling men that their lives are nothing but ground up husks for civilization to be built on us for the purpose of women’s ascending? If it was, it would be quite masterful. But there is nothing masterful here except for the music.

After six of these games, can we see some new scenes please? I am tired of the typical ones. How about one with the invention of the internet? The Civilization series is older than even that major event!


Starts out strong, but there are too many words. It lacks the visual poetry. Also, leaders don’t die and give their civilizations to their sons. And why is the leader a man? Why is the inheritor a male heir? How dare there be sexism in Civilization! Isn’t someone going to protest this? (joking of course)




Civ 4 isn’t that interesting, but nothing we didn’t expect.

Look at this! How creative! A tower of babel through the ages with it ending with fighter jets flying overhead. How cool! No pretentious bullshit. No one telling us we are majestic, no ruining the poetic moment.


Now we’re talking! Great visuals. Terrible music (but this game had no production values then).


“And with life came instinct…”

It has the worst music (if you want to call that music). But I think the original Civ is the most impacting in its intro. I love how the title screen appears and DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN ahahahaha.

PS- Holy moly, THIS is pretentious. So terrible.

No poetry. Too much talking. Just. Stop. Talking. Geez.


Civilization Call to Power intro. This is how you make an intro.





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