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Currently known Switch software

I am assuming they are launch since they are shown in the preview.

I know NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime says, “We are not an OR company but an AND. We make games for AND, not OR, we make games for everyone.” But the truth is that different constituencies are attracted to different types of games. Let’s look and see what the Switch has…


Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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We knew this one was coming. I remember getting a launch Wii and enjoying the hell out of Twilight Princess (though I hated the Aonuma-isms in it). A new Zelda on a console launch was very memorable.


NBA Live

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I suspect EA will be putting out more sports games. Do people buy basketball games anymore? Anyway, this is for the sports constituency.



Image result for skyrim

While this game is old, the port is a welcome one. A main Nintendo constituency used to be RPG gamers. RPGs were huge on the NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS, and, oh man, the SNES. But Nintendo lost the RPGs with the N64. Aside from Xenoblade, I cannot think of any RPGs coming out for a Nintendo system that isn’t ‘more’ Dragon Quest. N64 had no RPGs. Gamecube had a couple of ports but not much. I was shocked that Wii just had Xenoblade. Wii U had nothing. Depending on how well Skyrim will sell on the Switch will determine if third parties see a RPG market there. I bet Skyrim will sell very well and it will spur more RPGs.

Don’t you see, guys? Switch could be a defacto RPG console.


Super Mario Switch

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This is for the 3d Mario crowd, those who think Mario 64 is a brilliant game.

This constituency is primarily North American based and not very large. Why Nintendo keeps making 3d Marios baffles me. No one buys them. What I mean by that is based on the costs it takes to make a 3d Mario, the sales don’t really justify it. Iwata’s biggest business mistake was to bet Wii U sales on Super Mario 3d World.

Mario is here because Iwata said, “A Mario game must be there when a new Nintendo console launches!”



Image result for splatoon title screen

This is to give this software a second shot. It is our Switch’s multiplayer title. Not a bad choice for a launch game.



Mario Kart 8

And here is our racing game.


Now, out of all these games, I would easily buy Zelda, Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, and Splatoon. The 3d Mario I might get just to have it on cartridge. I still can’t stand sports games and certainly not basketball.

These games alone are a pretty strong launch. There has to be more third party games we haven’t heard about.

A 2d platformer would be nice. NSMB U, Super Mario Maker, or DKC Tropical Freeze would be nice.

Nintendo fans tend to be more adventure and arcade orientated. They will most likely not respond to EA’s ‘sports games’ or super-realistic type games. I don’t think GTA would ever sell well on a Nintendo console. But RPGs like Skyrim will sell. I think a Dark Souls for Switch would also sell. The Blizzard games would sell like hotcakes and probably surpass the sales of Xbone and PS4. Not joking on that. Nintendo and Blizzard customers are very similar.

If you bought a Wii U, this launch list probably doesn’t look interesting. But as I do not have a Wii U and skipped it (as well as every Microsoft and Sony console ever), Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, and Splatoon intrigue me.

I would like to see ports of the Xenoblade games over too.

And now that Nintendo will already have Mario Kart 8 on Switch, maybe they can make a F-Zero or something DIFFERENT.

For me, my rule with consoles is that there must be at least three games I want to buy and three games coming out eventually that I want to buy. I have four I want for Switch, waiting for two more to seal the deal.

Where the fuck is Metroid?

Where is the Call of Duty game?

Where is Minecraft?

While we see the hardware, what is the software OS? What is the account system?

So much more to learn about the Switch.



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