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Even more emails about Switch…

People can’t get to an agreement if it’s a home console you can take with you or a portable console that you can hook to the TV.
Maybe on of the communication challenges that Nintendo is going through now is to make people understand that Switch is actually both. Or that players can choose for themselves what they want Switch to be.

This is the ghost of Wii U. Wii U was seen by many people as trying to be a handheld. People are leery. Nintendo marketing could bring up the Turbografx 16 Express and Sega Nomad as those console makers are no longer competitors.

Hallo Sean!
The one title that will make this a hit in spring (or when it comes out), but that I haven’t sen mentioned anywhere yet.
The one title that will make kids laugh with excitement.
Pokemon Switch.

You mean combine Pokemon Go with a real Pokemon game?


Hello Master Malstrom,
My initial reaction is that I like what I see, but it wasn’t surprising. I already knew what to expect from the reliable rumors like Eurogamer. I know I am going to buy this thing at launch, even though I promised myself I would never buy a console at launch again.

I got the SNES at launch. Hooked it up and unhooked my NES. After playing Super Mario World for 2 – 3 weeks, I was ready for another game, but I didn’t like any of the other launch titles. All they had was Pilotwings and F-Zero. No thanks. So I unhooked my SNES for several months and hooked my NES back up. Eventually, the SNES got a lot of really great games, but I promised myself I would never buy a console at launch again. Well I am going to break my promise. These people had me at “Breath of the Wild”. I have to play that game! I also am hopeful that there will be a lot of games since they are combining their home and handheld development teams into one system.

Other thoughts:
1. I don’t plan on using this as a portable console at all. I prefer to game at home. Also I am afraid it will get broken. Lots of people put rubber protectors around their phones and tablets and then keep them that way all the time. It’s too much of a pain to do that if you have to constantly put the protector on and off. I just want to duct tape the thing into the docking station and declare that the mobile functionality has been removed.

2. I really want this to be backward compatible with 3DS games (or even DS games)! I have several 3DS games I want to play, but I just can’t make myself do it. I play handheld games hunched over staring at a screen. I play home games reclining on a couch with a wireless controller in my hand. I feel spoiled and I like it that way. I don’t care if the 3DS graphics suck. I like the bigger screen. Even more than that I like the sound. A lot of 3DS games have really good sound if you plug in headphones, but it sounds shitty if you just use the 3DS speaker. I want to take the 3DS games and play them like home games with the full sound and screen size.

3. This trailer was clearly aimed at core gamers. I think the whole system is too. All the people in the trailer were in their late teens and 20s. Also the console is grey. This is not meant to be a kiddie console. It isn’t even marketed as a family console like the Wii. This a console for Millennials that want to be social. PS4 and XBox1 are consoles for Millennials that want to be secluded in a dark room somewhere.
Overall I like seeing more details. I want to know more!


What! You didn’t like SNES F-Zero at launch??? Your gaming card has been REVOKED Mr. Emailer!

Image result for soup nazi

“No Switch for you! Come back in FIVE years!”


I’m going to post about my concerns first, then gush over everything so that I don’t seem so weirdly crazy about the whole system.

Where’s the d-pad? I need ma d-pad.
How is Nintendo going to interpret the account system for the Switch along with tying into the systems in place on the 3DS and Wii U?
What’s the battery life like on this device?
Will the AC cord be long enough for charging while playing?
Is backwards compatibility completely obliterated or will it live on via digital only or an unsubsidized add-on for the Switch dock?
How can I add storage to this device and how much of it can it take?
Will there be a way to install cartridge games to the internal memory or a way to get digital versions of physical games at a discount?
Do the tear way controllers have accelerometers and gyroscopes in them?
Am I going to lose access to all of my older controllers?
How do the 3DS and Wii U factor into the Switch? IE, will we just transfer minimal data like Mii’s, eshop titles and saves or will there be something odd like cross-platform play for something like the rumored Ultimate version of Super Smash Bros 4?

Please let the battery life be more than 10 hours. We haven’t had a handheld with 10 hours of battery life since the 3DS was introduced. The original Gameboy could do 30 hours and the DS systems bottomed out at 8, but could be adjusted to hit as high as about 17 hours.

The docking concept is briliant. We have no idea if there’s extra power in that thing or not, but haveing an easy way to have it function as a home console then to become a portable device is awesome. If the price is as affordable as Nintendo is alluding to, then having a disappearing home console won’t be an issue. If we really are moving/have moved beyond the tv then we don’t need to have a shared console (although the Switch could still fit that role if needed).

The Switch is actually what we believed the Wii U to be in the beginning (for those of us that knew it was a new console). Wii U was half into the old gaming life of being stuck in a house/room/tv, and half into this new world of being unchained from the tv. Unfortunately, they kept us tethered to the base unit. They made the controller a thin client and the home system a base. Now the home system is the base, and the dock is a connection client for the base to sit at the tv. That makes so much ore sense.

The games looked fine. Nothing was extremely spectacular in the graphics department. It seems like the jump is similar to the one from Gamecube to Wii, which isn’t a bad thing. Games look good enough now that we’re going to be stuck at this level of design for a while. Once the Uncanny Valley is defeated we’ll have a stronger need for beefy hardware. That or when developers decide to do more with A.I. and other things that don’t automate their work. True physics are fine, but they aren’t needed. Being artitistic will get the job done most of the time like it does with animation.

I like how they’re promoting this system to be social. It’s like the 3DS, but for your siblings and friends as well. It won’t casually grab them, but it will grab the folks that are mildly interested in playing games. We just need an account system that makes sense.

I really hope that we get Wii U backwards compatibility. We have developers that were raving months ago about being able to drop games form other systems into the Switch (then NX) compiler and having it run without modifications. I own most of my Wii U and 3DS games digitally, let them come with me so that I only need to keep one Nintendo system. I don’t want to keep the hardware of those systems anymore, I’m fine with the experience not being perfectly the same due to the screen differences, but I’ll accept it anyway. Let my old library live and I’ll keep on adding to my Nintendo library overall with Switch games. I won’t touch Smash Bros for 3DS anymore, but every game won’t be upgraded in such a way. Sometimes I want to play Mario Kart 7 and other times I play 8 or DS. Let me do as I please in the past so that I can completely enjoy my gaming future. I won’t notice droughts if I have everything available. I won’t have my attention taken away from the Switch if everything is available there. Don’t make me rebuy the VC games, let me keep my $5 for SMB3 and I promise to spend it on a VC game from another company or to put it towards a new title. Help, help you to help me help you Nintendo.


I am hoping the Switch OS doesn’t make me feel like five years old. At least give us options in the themes.



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