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Even more first impression emails…

Greetings Master Malstrom
So far, so good. For the reveal trailer, nintendo did a great job, the sistem looks cool and easy to handle. Unlike the wii u its concept was really well demonstrated, so we know that it’s not just a new controller.

It bothers me that there is no d-pad. There are directional buttons for sure, but the directional buttons remind me of the n64 c buttons, and they’re not made for navigation at all. I was expecting something close to the playstation d-pad, not this.

If the games shown at the trailer are really coming for the system, then the initial library isn’t that bad. Its not fantastic, but its good, and WAY better than the Wii U and 3DS launch line ups:

Skyrim was a surprise, but i think it kinda does the same job Zelda BOW is trying to do. Nonetheless its a good game.

Zelda Bow WOW, nuff said.

It is extremely refreshing, after 10 years, to see nintendo showing a sports game with its products. Sports game attract consumers, its a fact, and that NBA game shows exactly the kind of consumer it attracts. Sport game fans usually are fans of the real sport, the game just complement their love for the sport. It was great to see that on the reveal.

The Wii U ports are a good call. If I bought a Wii U, MK8 and splatoon eould probably be in my library. I really wish that they port mario maker. Maybe a port of DK Tropical Freeze

The 3d Mario looks like it will play like the original mario64/sunshine. Other than that there is really nothing that can be said about it that hasnt been said by you Master Malstrom.

For the biggest concerns for the Switch, battery life is the major. The gamepad horrendous battery life should be a lesson to nintendo not to repeat the mistake of selling a product with a freaking 3 hour battery life. I also hope that they stop with the handheld bullshit that they,re pulling with the NEW NEW 3ds of selling a handheld without the ac adapter.

If Im going to buy a system, put the necessary elements all together. For the Switch it wold be the system, the audio and video cables, the power cord, the tv base and the controllers (the fact that i have to point that out is really ridiculous).

In resume, better than the Wii U and 3DS, but not better than the Wii. As i’ve said, so far so good, but it can be better, lets hope it will.

Best regards from the Awesome Reader


I guarantee you will we see more Wii U ports.

And do you know why, Awesome Reader?

“Tell me, Malstrom. Tell me now!”

Wii U ports are cheap and easy to do. Nintendo is in a very critical situation right now with both 3DS and Wii U underperforming. Nintendo will only have ONE console. They are busy with contingency plans with getting cashflow from merchandise, theme park rides, and other things with their IPs. I guarantee you that Nintendo wants to flood the Switch with software. One easy way to do that is to port older titles on.

Nintendo ported Gamecube games to the Wii (Pikmin games). They WILL port their Wii U games over. It actually will work out great since the Wii U games were also designed to be played in the gamepad! I’d be shocked if they didn’t. Hell, they ported Wii and Gamecube games to the Wii U too.

It’s a little strange. My biggest question is: where is the D-pad? I see there’s some sort of separate, new “pro controller” with one, but why does the main controller not have a D-pad? I don’t like playing 2D games with an analog stick, so you better fix that Nintendo.

Second question: what about those rumored motion controls? Do those detachable controllers have them? Somehow the system must have them since Just Dance is releasing for it. I want to see them in action.

Third question: does it support the Wii Remote? Those controllers clearly don’t have pointer capabilities, and I love pointer controls for any game with a cursor on screen (especially shooters).

Aside from that, it seems like a bold move. This is the first time Nintendo has released a portable console that matches the capabilities of modern home consoles (the 3DS was closer to the Wii in power). Perhaps that will work well for Nintendo.

You said back when New Super Mario Bros. Wii was releasing that Nintendo’s competitors looked at the sales of New Super Mario Bros. for the DS and basically shit themselves. Well, if I was Nintendo’s competitor I’d look at the sales of its portable devices and begin to worry.

If this system outsells the Wii U, and I certainly think that it can, the hardcore will lose their minds again because it will destroy their theory that all Nintendo home consoles are destined to perform lower than the prior one in sales (excluding the Wii, since they can’t analyze that one). Of course, they’ll just claim that Nintendo “cheated” by creating a portable system instead of a pure home console.

I want to see the games at this point. Where’s Super Mario Bros.? What is Retro Studios up to?

I don’t think Nintendo has revealed their hand on upcoming software yet. This is mostly just to show off how the machine is to be used.

Clearly, there will be third party software up there on launch. Third party companies may bail out on Nintendo, but they remember the Wii rocketed off and sold tons of third party software. Nintendo handhelds always do well enough and this is a Nintendo handheld.

I expect a TON of Generation 8 and 7 ports from third parties though. That Skyrim on the go… if it sells well on the Switch… it could unleash a flood of third party ports.

Is this bad? No. More software is always good. But the question needs to be about ORIGINAL software. The ports are going to get old fast.


Can someone please tell me how this device is a ‘brand new concept’? I can stream games to my TV with a chrome or amazon stick, and psvita also has similar capabilities. This may be an improvement, but I wouldn’t call it a new concept.


I know where you are coming from. I wouldn’t call this ‘new’ either. I’ll talk more about where Nintendo is going with this later. Certainly, this is not like the Wii-mote reveal where people lost their minds going “IS NINTENDO CRAZY!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!”

The game industry is licking its lips and salivating at being able to port all its older 7 and 8th generation games to this thing. Skyrim is just the beginning.

But keep in mind that that isn’t new either. If you look at the game library of the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance, you will find the libraries flooded with home console ports of a generation ago. Gameboy Color was filled with NES ports. Gameboy Advance was filled with 16-bit console ports. Many of these ports came from Nintendo. Is this a BAD thing? No.

It does go to show that the DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U (though Wii got a ton of PS2 ports) were almost forcing game companies to make original games for the system, to use that system’s capability for it. Switch has no defining feature like that. Therefore, ports are going to be flooding in.

(Gameboy library didn’t really have ports because the hardware was more primitive than any console!)



I don’t want feelings. I want confirmation.

Marketers! Where is that Miyamoto??? Drag him out! The gamers have questions that demand answers….



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