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More emails of first impressions

‘Switch’ Reactions’ from a female 20-something

Ohh la la!

Hey Malstrom,

What struck me most about the trailer was… the trailer itself. All the activities it showed (travelling! street sports! karting! glamorous roof parties!)…all are things I either already do, or want to do more of. Is a huge contrast to the Sony VR ads you can see on network TV, where it’s just some guy being engulfed by his couch, literally, and then melting into a virtual Batman.

In business speak, it all points to the Switch as an “aspirational product”. And I’m all up for that.

If I want ‘cheap’ new gaming there’s indies and smartphones. But consoles have to be a worthy investment.

My main concern are the new games, the only ones that actually offer something ‘new’ are the NBA game and Zelda.

NBA: I have so many good memories of playing sports games locally with my extended family, but the logistics of moving the consoles around houses was always a pain. This would finally solve that problem forever.
Zelda: There’s not been a proper follow up in the series for generations, so it just needs to be a good, NEW Zelda to be fresh.

While all the others… is like…ok… WHY should I buy yet ANOTHER 3d Mario&Mario Kart? what makes these any different from the dozen games before them? That’s an important question the ad isn’t awnsering.

I agree with others that the fragility of the screen and the battery life are worrying points.


You bring up a great point about the Sony VR ads and ‘melting into a virtual Batman’.


Good day to you Malstrom!
Some impressions:
I find it hard to judge the Switch right now. Nintendo seems to be playing its own specific software close to its chest. Most of the titles that we see are there to show off the concept.

However, the concept itself is something that i’m liking quite a bit. It’s a bit strange to see the dpad chopped into four buttons on the left joy-con though.Wish they would have kept a regular d-pad.

What stands out for me as massive positives are
a) the BIG focus on local multiplayer. All of the big features of the systeem are geared towards sharing with friends. That (probably) means a focus on multiplayer in software as well. In particular, i see Splatoon benefitting from this.
b) Nintendo is keen to show third party titles that skipped the Wii U. Both Skyrim and that NBA game were not present on the wii u. Nintendo is trying to show that those games will be on Switch.

Right now, I find it hard to judge. I have to see what Nintendo has outside of remasters. 3D Mario? OK, but that’s not going to be the big system seller. The hardware itself looks exciting though. I like the name as well. Not as goofy as Wii U. Easy and simple to remember.

P.S.: You want a decent d-pad? Get the pro controller. The D-Pad on the joy-con is broken into four buttons so that the joy-cons can be shared. Not to thrilled either with this.




Master Malstrom,

I have to admit my reaction to the Switch is one of cautious optimism. Nintendo seems to making a major attempt to recapture a greater audience. The whole trailer screamed “integrate Switch into your life,” which is a powerful message with great potential. The idea that a person can start playing a game, pick up and keep going on the road has great potential.

I was similarly impressed at how they communicated the idea of being able to share a game with anybody, anywhere. Again, powerful message with great potential.

Then there’s the software. Splatoon and 3D Mario for the hardcore Nintendo fans, Skyrim for the core gamer, Zelda, Mario kart, and NBA for the broader audience.

Honestly, for me, the biggest stunner was seeing NBA in the trailer. It was like Nintendo acknowledging that they screwed up when sports games flooded away from the 3DS or Wii U. They need sports, they need Skyrim, they need games that go far beyond their own bubble.

Hardware-wise, I’m still on the fence. I was disappointed to see the lack of a D-Pad on the system, though it thankfully looks to be present on the standalone “Pro” controller.

Similarly, I loved seeing them emphasize the cartridges in the ad. There are numerous questions to be asked, though, regarding battery life, internal storage, and so on.

For software, I’m still a bit on the fence. While Mario Kart will be fantastic and Splatoon is fun enough, I didn’t see that one game that “wowed” me. I didn’t catch that one title that would just floor me enough to open my wallet no questions asked. Then there’s the issue of digital content – will customers need to rebuy our games on the Virtual Console games again? Heck – will there even be a Virtual Console this time around? (While I’m assuming yes, I’m not putting stock into assumptions just yet)

Overall, though, it’s a slick concept, with great potential. I generally like what I see, but I need more information before I can really say “I need this in my gaming library, no questions asked.”




I just saw the trailer. It has a ”cool-esthetic-technology” vibe. I kinda like the console but I have some concerns. I’m not sure what it supposes to be; I feel like it’s a console that is hard to share (like a handheld). My boyfriend and I are both Monster Hunters players. We both have our own 3Ds and play co-ops locally. If the switch is a next gen handheld; does that mean we will have to pay 2 Switchs to play Monster Hunters??? Damn if the price is expensive that is a turn off to us. I bet that the handheld part can be sold separately or something. I’m disappointed at the games exhibition, We saw like 5 seconds of an unknown Mario game, k. Not really excited about WiiU games and damn, sorry I have to bring that up but the new Zelda is really really ugly. What kind of shader is that?! It’s not normal that Mario Kart looks better than a Zelda game! I’m not against colors but that was wayyyyy too saturated. I felt like sharing this because it truly distracted me from the announcement at some point.


Another email from a girl! I love it when girls tell us their thoughts.


In short, I think it looks promising. Frankly, I think this is the only way Nintendo could have gone. Their consoles’ biggest weakness in recent years is the game library, so consolidating their portable and home console libraries on one system will definitely make the Switch more attractive than a individual console and handheld.

I really like the hardware this time around, whereas I hated the Wii U hardware. It feels like this console’s gimmick is about fitting the console more neatly into the gamer’s life instead of making a frivolous toy for Nintendo developers to play with once or twice.

The only thing that remains is the games, and what’s been shown so far doesn’t terribly impress me. Zelda is the only thing I might get; I already have Skyrim on my PC (which is the best version and always will be the best version) and the other games shown don’t terribly interest me much—I might buy the 3D Mario if it goes on sale but that’s about it for now. I’m not worried about the games library yet, since this was more of a hardware teaser than a games one. I imagine we’ll be seeing more game announcements further down the line.

By the way, I’ve noticed that there are lots of people worried about the D-Pad. If you look closely at the trailer, you’ll notice that the “Pro” controller has a normal D-Pad. I think the detachable controllers lack a real D-Pad so that each half is effectively identical to the other—one analog stick and four face buttons. That way you can give each person one half of the controller without putting someone at a disadvantage at this or that game.

I’m sold on the hardware. Now I just need the games.


Yeah, Nintendo is getting away from the ‘forced gameplay gimmick’ though I consider the ‘omg 3d’ of the N64 to still be a gimmick. Not every game needs to be 3d! 2d Mario and 2d Bomberman are just fine with me!


What are they trying to tell us when after they first show the Switch being played in handheld mode the framerate chugs in Zelda, I’m talking when Link is floating towards the boss it’s not smooth at all, is this just something marketing didn’t care about or is there some kind of messaging here? 3DS sacrificed battery life and graphical quality because “Now is the time for 3D!” so is performance going to sacrificed in order to brute force graphical parity between handheld and console modes?

Also it’s very amusing today to see the people still bitter about Super Gamecube not coming out in 2006 and still not understanding how that would have went while decrying Wii as a kiddy casual console. It’s still as sad as it comical how ignorant many are over the history of this industry. I see the Wii growing into this legendary enigma by the time 2026 rolls around!


There are still questions. How do the games run in handheld mode? What is the battery life? What is the price of the system? There could be deal breakers in here.



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