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And Yet Even More Emails

Everyone wants to weigh in on the Switch!

My first impression of the Switch is cautious optimism. I though the concept was okay, as it is really the next iteration of the Wii U tablet. I think the naming is better but not as good as Wii. I like the fact cartridges are back. The games in the trailer seemed underwhelming, aside from Zelda which we already knew about. I thought the trailer would include more arcade/2d games if Nintendo is trying to get back the Wii lapsed gamers. I did not like the approach Nintendo took in revealing the system with trickle down information, unlike that of the Wii. I have several major concerns for the system. Firstly depending on how Nintendo prices it I think the switch will cannibalize handheld sales, as I don’t see more then one unit per family. Nintendo may have thought this was valid strategy given the failure of the 3ds and WiiU, however I think those two systems weren’t as successful as their predecessors due to the direction Nintendo took them. The key advantage the Switch has is the combined software development of handheld and home console, hopefully this will lead a flood of software at launch. I also worry about the portability of the system, as it is very large like the size of the Wii U tablet. Which would be hard to fit in my bag when I am traveling. The portable local multiplayer was interesting. I wonder if it will work with all games on the switch, given the simple controls of the detachable controllers. I am really hoping you can customize your controller layout on the tablet, as I don’t like the omission of the dpad. The account system for virtual console looks promising. I would like hear more details on how it works. I also hope Nintendo makes online gaming simple and non intrusive (ex miiware). The biggest questions for me are regarding the software lineup and price. This device seems expensive given the technology it’s using to make it portable. One last thought I hope the take their time making 2d Mario, as the modern versions have lost the charm and magic of the 8bit and 16bit versions.


Can’t add anything to that.

Hey, Malstrom

The simplest reason why I want the Switch is in the name, it gives you options for how you want to play.

I have handheld and console, but I mostly play handheld. A console tethers you to the TV, you are primarily committed to gaming, and a many console games are designed around keeping you seated for hours and hours. I have to be in a very specific mood with foreknowledge that I have tons of time available to me to really get into it. Handheld games let you sit anywhere, let you multitask, and tend to be split up in smaller chunks of playing time, so it’s easier to pause or save, put the handheld down, do something else, and then go back to it. And now it looks like I can plug a controller into my handheld, or prop it up like a TV to preserve my arms and neck (starting to get old now, y’know), so not only can I play where I want, but I can play how I want in that space too.

Now the only thing to wait for is where the Wii U library is going. I don’t have a Wii U yet, and the only reason I’m going to buy one is if the games I want don’t end up getting ported elsewhere (some of them have made their way to the 3DS already so I’m hoping).

I also love the name as a marketing brand. It’s not an exciting name like a Ninja or a Neo or whatever, but it tells you exactly what it’s about.

“What’s that?”

“The Switch.”


*plug it into the dock/pull it out of the dock*

People will understand it immediately. Whether they care about it, who knows, but simple concepts are always the best.

(Skyrim on a cartridge? WHAT? I see From Software on the list, DARK SOULS COULD BE ON A CARTRIDGE)


A big issue now is how long it takes games to be made. Skyrim may be a Generation 7 (!) game, but the sequel is in production so long that it will miss all of generation 8 so it SEEMS like Skyrim is current. Dark Souls, also, seems current even though it is old. They could bring over Fallout 3 and some other games too.

If the launch is in March, why isn’t Nintendo talking about software? When will Nintendo be talking about software? Most likely, January???

March also seems like a strange time to launch a console.

Here is the video

I’ll list out all my reasons why it will fail. I’ll keep it quick.

1) It is exclusive to young urbanites in their young teens to mid twenties. Hell, some of these guys are borderline hipsters. Young people tend to like novel and quirky things. Nintendo has made that clear with this device. I could never imagine my mother playing with this device.

2) It is no more than an android tablet with tactile feedback. All you need is a Nvidia shield tablet, telescopic bluetooth controller and some emulators. A young urbanite can easily figure this out. You can expect it to be in this above price range as well. The Nintendo Switch uses a Nvidia Tegra chip, just like Nvidia’s shield. Why would someone care about this device for gaming?

3) You know the locks on the controllers are going to eventually loosen up and the machine is going to be dropped get damaged.

4) Multiplayer is a clearly after thought. Even though half the advertisement emphasizes multiplayer and playing with groups of people, they’re trying to do it on a small 6″ screen and two little cramped mini controllers.

The only redeeming thing I can think about regarding this system.

1) It will allow them to reap the scales of economies on one system. If Nintendo could only sell 13 million Wii U systems, it means they only broke even at best. My guess is that this is a business strategy to have their portable systems effectively sell their home console.

2) It means that rather than have two teams for two different consoles, all the effort is focused on one console, leading to more choices. However, don’t expect large numbers of video games to be made for it. This is a High Definition console and production of such games are slow and drawn out. Keep in mind that the Wii U itself has less than 200 games in retail.

I expect the Switch to draw upon mobile gaming too. I don’t see why Hearthstone cannot come over. However, such games would likely only be in digital form. Hearthstone would never be on a cartridge. But I’d love to see Diablo 3 on a cartridge.

Now about third party support, with expenses the way they are I don’t see why any company would not port to a system. I don’t see Microsoft and Sony at each other’s throats since there is no living to take over. The Switch is not trying to take over a living room.

Master Malstrom

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Words cannot describe how excited I am for this.

I admit for very simple reasons.

I can carry this thing anywhere and a cartridge based system means that all the games can be stored in one small box – meaning it all easily fits into a bag when travelling from place to place. That was always a hassle with previous consoles. Despite the Game Cube having the handle on the back it was not really portable, for instance. You still had to worry about the power pack and the controllers. It comes with two controllers and the base unit this is small.

The fact that I can play it with family on flights is also nifty, not that they’d really be interested in doing so but I like the fact you can.

As for everything else that could be an issue, I simply do not care yet. The fact we can play on the moves means at the very least we will get a longer battery, even if we have to replace the old ones and the button size is something I am used to from the 3DS. And any and all other things that I may want answered will undoubtedly be answered.

Clear Nintendo Is Best Nintendo.

Will I buy it? Yes. They had me at BOW. All the other games they have in the work for this console I for the most part want. Zelda alone means I will feel no regrets in buying this console Day 1.

Whether it keeps this up and gets close to Wii Nintendo remains to be seen. But I am incredibly optimistic. Although that might just be the puppy talking.


A Reader

Interesting how this reader is so excited.

This is a far cry different than when the Wii U was revealed. On that day I was Doctor Malstrom, and I had an inbox full of emails of people crying and distraught and miserable over it. My waiting room was full!

Here, people seem genuinely optimistic. No ‘OMG’ like with the Wii-mote reveal of course.

We really need a list of launch games and upcoming games. Where is it, Nintendo??? Talk about software!



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