Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 22, 2016

Email: Wii U – Obsolete and Pointless

Master Malstrom


So as the hype for the NX was dying down – by this I mean the euphoric ‘wow’ that was making me jump like I was a child again – a painful realisation struck me.

Nintendo has, since the Wii, rereleased and ported its older games far more frequently than it ever has before. But never before did I feel like those ports an updated rereleases invalidated my previous purchase of those games and the systems they ran on.

Currently, every worthwhile game the Wii U has is either on the 3Ds, going to go to the 3Ds or looks like it is going to be on the Switch. Or has no reason not to be on the Switch in the future.

It says something about how terrible the Wii U did that shortly after the Switch drops, there will be no reason to keep owning one.

This has never happened before. With every other console there has been games not rereleased and there has been enough of them not to completely devalue the console.

Even when Nintndo fucked up with the Game Cube they did not quite clearly paint the message that everyone who owned it was dumb for owning it. Perhaps it is not Nintendo’s fault and this is just the way gaming is going – constant invalidation of older things – and the Wii U’s total failure has just made them be more open about this.

I buy Nintendo consoles for games. Specifically 1 game most of all. I buy it for Zelda. And the Zelda game I expected is releasing on a completely brand new system. Just like with Twilight Princess, why wouldn’t I get the new system version rather than the older one?

Worst of all, who would want to buy the Wii U especially when I no longer have the original box for it.


A Reader


Wii U has Wii backwards compatibility and can connect via HMDI. That is worth something to the future.

But I cannot think of a reason to collect for the Wii U. The reason why the Wii U was such a terrible console is because the software was so terrible. Nintendo has made failed consoles before, and everytime they do, people keep giving Nintendo a pass about their terrible software. Take the Gamecube which was a failing console. Gamecube’s best selling games were Smash Brothers Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Super Mario Sunshine, all around six million. Wind Waker was a terrible Zelda. Sunshine was a terrible Mario. Double Dash wasn’t seen as great. Smash Melee was considered good but Smash was only taking off then. Metroid Prime was good, and it helped give the system some legacy to the experienced gamers. But Gamecube’s software was atrocious. Luigi’s Mansion? Starfox Adventures? Come on!

I really, really hate the double standard that exists. Games sell the console. Period. If the console isn’t selling, there is something wrong with the games. And if the console IS selling, there is something right with the games.

Gamecube doesn’t sell. “But the games are awesome.” No, they weren’t.

Wii does sell. “But the games are terrible.” No, they weren’t.

Wii U was a forced attempt by Nintendo to force Gamecube-esque games down our throats with Wii marketing. It bombed spectacularly. Why? It is because games sell consoles, not marketing. Gamecube-esque games bombed the Gamecube, the Wii U, and the N64. The fact that they are even CONSIDERED wasting more money making more games that won’t sell hardware like 3d Mario means someone on the Nintendo Board needs to be fired. Even if it is Miyamoto-san. The guy has no touch with the masses anymore. Time for him to retire.



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