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Email: Zelda 1 and Hyrule Warriors

Hello, Master Malstrom!

I recall you not really giving much attention to Hyrule Warriors overall, but I just wanted to bring it up to you for one particular reason:

The staff at Koei-Tecmo showed not just a love for Zelda, but especially a love for Zelda 1. There are numerous details and designs in the game that call to games from before Aonuma, but none gets quite as lavished as the original Hyrule Fantasy. And while that doesn’t sound like much of a boast (we could probably be millionaires if we had a nickel for every “IT’S A SECRET TO EVERYONE” or 8-bit easter egg hidden in a modern Zelda), these stand out because the references and tributes I refer to aren’t just jokes. There’s a feeling of actual respect, of care, of true love for the original Zelda.

Hyrule Warriors is a game that isn’t for everyone, but I personally enjoy the style of game that is Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors. In fact, it’s a game friends of mine and I had joked about since Wind Waker made me grow bored and disenfranchised with Zelda. When the original reveal trailer for Hyrule Warriors was shown, I spent the next solid ten minutes laughing at how what was a running joke for me was now a dream come true.

(Perhaps most humorously, there’s a comment in one of the Hyrule Warriors strategy guides by Aonuma that said along the lines of “lots of people want to make Zelda games, but he turns down the collab because it holds no interest to him to have someone else make a game HE can make. Hyrule Warriors is a Zelda game that Aonuma can’t make. A Zelda game with a focus on action, not puzzles.)

I do not own a 3DS or a Wii U.

It has been exactly a decade since I bought a new Nintendo console (the Wii at launch in 2006).

And prior to the DS and Wii systems I bought, my last bought Nintendo system was a Super Nintendo.

Nintendo fans buy all the Nintendo consoles. But I do not buy all Nintendo systems. Nintendo would classify me as more of a ‘dormant’ Nintendo customer, a much harder to get customer. Too many times people break the market into a binary, core versus casual. But the vast majority of new Wii gamers had owned a prior console before… even if it was the Atari 2600.

I’m aware of Hyrule Warriors and their Zelda 1 tribute. But it is not enough for me to buy a 3DS or a Wii U.

My system of choice is PC gaming. I am a member of ‘PC Master Race’. My disdain at Sony and Microsoft is very different from the disdain that a Nintendo fan has (i.e. they are Nintendo’s comeptitors). I despise Sony and Microsoft for putting out crappy dumbed down PCs they laughingly called ‘consoles’ and ruin PC gaming as so many PC games now are designed with these shitty consoles in mind.

Hardcore console gamers are a complete joke. While they decry the ‘casuals’, they, themselves, are casualized PC gamers playing on neutered PC hardware designed for children.

Nintendo is not trying to emulate PC gaming. I like that. Sega, when they made consoles, also tried not to emulate PC gaming. I like Sega also because of that.

I’m putting up this response to your email because there are many new readers. New readers think I am a Nintendo fanboy. Not exactly. I am more of a PC gaming fanboy. And there is nothing wrong with being a Nintendo fanboy. The big problem are the PlayStation and Xbox fanboys. They are a pox on gaming and need to be driven out into the sea. The PlayStation and Xbox offer no innovations except to water down PC gaming and charge money for things that shouldn’t be charged (like online multiplayer gaming).Those gamers exclusive to those consoles are so dumb, they are either fourteen years old or have a maturity of a fourteen year old, and do not realize they are getting ripped off again and again. These characters enable Sony and Microsoft’s terrible practices. They also are completely ignorant on console history, have no idea about Nintendo, and certainly lack the IQ needed to put a PC together.

“You are so mean!” cries the reader.

No, I’m not. As long as I’ve done this site (11 years!), these characters only spread ignorance and insults while claiming superiority. To give you an example of ignorance, there was one popular youtuber who, in his reaction to the Switch, made the blanket statement of ‘Nintendo is doing Switch because they cannot compete power-wise with Sony and Microsoft in the console space’. This is utterly false. Nintendo’s hardware always was competitive or kicked the competitor’s ass in terms of graphics and horsepower up until the Wii. With Wii, Nintendo kicked the other consoles’ asses in another value-set: the interface. Why? It was more profitable to do so. THAT is what the Blue Ocean is about, about providing value where competitors are not. In terms of direct competition, the Gamecube was far more powerful than the PlayStation 2. The N64 was competitive with the PS1 and Saturn. The SNES was competitive with its competitors.

Do you know why Nintendo goes after some of these youtubers? It is more than just copyright infringement. Nintendo is protective of their IPs and their brands. They do not want the public, when searching for these IPs and brands, to be going to these retard rodeo youtubers and have them think: “This is the Nintendo gamer? Then I do not want to play a Nintendo!” They also do not like people spreading misinformation (e.g. saying Nintendo has not put out consoles to directly compete against Microsoft and Sony. They have!).



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