Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 23, 2016

Email: Switch OS

Just an observation: I see lots of speculation on games, price and battery life, but, outside of your blog, very little speculation about the OS or the internet capabilities. The internet part I think people are just taking for granted, but the absence of OS talk is interesting.

Could it be that people are unconsciously expecting the system to be as straightforward as the video is making it looks? OS fatigue, maybe? Put the game cartridge in, no loading, no nonsense, just play the game? I could get behind that. At least I’d like a very understated, streamlined approach to the OS. After all, this is a console, not a computer.

“Put the game cartridge in”. God, itt feels so good to be able to say that.

This is a good point. Nintendo, we should go straight to the game instead of go to OS and then the game.

I am afraid the OS will be smurfy. Smurfy means ‘strange, bizarre Japanese influence that makes you uncomfortable’. The OS should not make you feel like a child or not manly.

I remember when Nintendo revealed the Wii’s OS. I LOVED the channel idea. It was really cool for the time. I’m not sure if that is the appropriate way to go today.

I do not want a Virtual Console even if they have an ‘account system’. I want those fucking games on the fucking carts.

Dracula x (j) front.jpg

Little Samson

Radiant silvergun.jpg

E.V.O.: Search for Eden

Pulstar Coverart.png

And more!

I don’t want these on a ‘Virtual Console’. I want these on CARTS. Why? You cannot buy these today unless you pay a HUGE price of hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Nintendo: “We don’t want people to buy old games again. We want them to buy new games to spur interest for third parties to develop for the system.”

Bullshit. One of the reasons why Wii did so well, despite having huge software droughts, was the Virtual Console flooding the system with quality software. The PlayStation 1 wasn’t hurt by ports of great arcade and SNES and PC games on it. Nintendo is already porting over Wii U and Xbox 360 games. You’re telling me that porting over high demand retro games like Pulstar is going to scare everyone away? Get real.

The retro game market is extremely rich right now and prices have gone insane. The reason why is that people want high quality games and desire to OWN them. Port them to the Switch, and they are on the cart. You could charge $60 for a cart of Radiant Silvergun, and it will not just sell out, but buyers will think it is a great bargain!

I do not know what Nintendo’s plans are for the OS or Virtual Console or, very important, their software strategy.

The Switch doesn’t seem to have any negative hardware traits which is good. The software strategy will make or break this console. And making more 3d Mario is not the winning strategy. But it is early.

Remember that the Wii’s software strategy was to make ‘mass market games’ so they would buy Gamecube-esque type games (the games Nintendo REALLY wants to make). But it didn’t work, and Nintendo was furious. There is a reason why Super Mario Galaxy 2 was made complete with DVDs with tutorials on how to control Mario. They really tried to cram their gaming down our throats. Imagine if Nintendo tries to cram down our throat a game like Metroid: Other M or Federation Force. They seem to have gotten their head out of their ass on Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We will see.



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