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Email: Switch Screen used Vertically for Shmups?

Master Malstrom,

If the Switch screen was turned 90 degrees to a vertical orientation, and if it’s a touch screen, then it could provide backwards compatibility to dual screen 3/DS or WiiU games (similar to the 2DS which is actually a single screen).

But more interesting to me is that it would be great for vertical scrolling shmups like Ikaruga or even arcade conversations of games like Pacman or Donkey Kong.

Some handheld console games and even home console games have had vertical screen orientation as an option in the past but it was too awkward or inconvenient for most to use.

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It could. But Nintendo doesn’t give a crap about those gamers.

Have you SEEN the prices on some of these shmups? At least Microsoft was able to get digital ports of Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun. There is a tremendous lack of shmups on Nintendo consoles. What Nintendo does lately is put in a mediocre indie shmup, say Nanostray, and say ‘we have checked that box!’ and that is the only shmup on the entire library!

Now, shmups do not move hardware anymore. But what makes no sense to me is why Nintendo would encourage a Sin and Punishment 2, but not try to get other games? I would love to have Salamander and Gradius Compilations on a Switch cartridge.

I really don’t understand Nintendo. They are obsessed with Dragon Quest and do everything they can to put it on their hardware, but they don’t give a shit about Final Fantasy (or other RPGs). But oh! That Dragon Quest! We need that on the Nintendo hardware! A franchise Nintendo has been trying to push on the West since that give away of Dragon Quest 1 with a subscription of Nintendo Power! Nintendo just doesn’t stop with their insanity!

We have seen Nintendo go after franchises like Monster Hunter. But has Nintendo ever gone for a decent FPS franchise? No. Monster Hunter moves hardware… in Japan…. but a solid FPS game would do much more for the hardware in more territories.

Part of the reason why I like the Wii and DS so much is that Nintendo said we cannot be selfish. We have to put out software that we, ourselves, may not like. So we get 2d Marios, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and other cool stuff. But lately, we get utter crap like Other M and Federation Force. We get more 3d Mario because if Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3d Land, and Super Mario 3d World failed to hit the masses, then Nintendo JUST HAS TO MAKE ANOTHER FUCKING ONE. Oh yeah, and here are more Fire Emblems even though no one buys them (though that has changed with teh collectors).

Who is Nintendo making software for, now? Certainly not for me. Aside from Zelda: BOW and Wii U ports, all Nintendo is saying for Switch software is ‘more 3d Mario!’ Now you know why I didn’t buy the N64 or Gamecube.

I bet Nintendo doesn’t even CONSIDER that Wii U’s software was BAD. They probably think, right now, that Starfox Zero is ‘the best Starfox out there’, that Federation Force is ‘amazing’, that Super Mario 3d World is ‘so awesome’ that Iwata bet the company financial quarter on it.

What is worse are the Nintendo fans. Nintendo comes to these forums and sees nothing but the fanboys licking each other saying, “Oh boy, 3d Mario! That is what this system needs,” because apparently the last five 3d Marios failed to move hardware so this one is going to be different, right? It’s like I am seeing an unhealthy relationship with Nintendo seeing what they want to see from certain vocal fan reaction which they see justifies them making more bad software. It’s really quite amazing.

We keep talking about the hardware. “Why did they do this? What is the business decision for doing that?” and so on. Our minds calculate what Nintendo views the future of the market by what they do with the hardware. How come we do not take that thinking and cynicism and apply it to the CHOICES of software Nintendo decides to make? To this day, people still declare how amazing the games on the Gamecube and Wii U are despite how both are failed consoles which means the games failed. Aonuma: “We must re-release Wind Waker because there weren’t enough people on Gamecube to enjoy it.” So they release it on the fucking Wii U, which has a SMALLER install base than the Gamecube. There is something logically broken here. No company can be THIS STUPID to keep putting out wrong software.

I don’t think Nintendo gives a shit about succeeding commercially. Yes, they want to succeed in profit. But like many others today, they want to make games about what they want to make. So what if they want to spend MILLIONS of dollars to make a Pikmin 4 despite Pikmin 1, 2, and 3 failing to move hardware.

So fuck it. I’m going to demand shmups, even though shmups do not sell hardware, because if Nintendo is going to keep making shit software that doesn’t sell, then why can’t I ask for my own shit software that won’t sell?

Nintendo would pull out of the hardware market and just ‘play with their IPs’ before they start making games they do not want to make. I’m serious.



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