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Nintendo Employees shocked at how many people watched the Switch reveal video

In 3 days, the Switch reveal trailer has put up 16 million views. It has surpassed the Breath of the Wild reveal (9 million) and Wii U’s reveal (11 million).

From a Nintendo Treehouse member’s twitter, we read:


My mind can’t imagine that #. Gotta be bots or something. That many people can’t ACTUALLY have watched it…or can they?!



I still don’t get it. I know the same folks aren’t watching it on repeat. Kinda scary.



Other comments he makes:

Not hate, just in disbelief. Hard to image what 8–no, now 10m people watching one video feels like.

“But it is a great trailer!” someone responds.

He replies,

So was Mario Galaxy! So was Splatoon! So was NWC 2015! but this…I don’t know man…this is something else.

His ‘OMG’ reactions are amusing, but they are actually disturbing to me. Why are Nintendo employees so out of touch? Perhaps it has to do with living in San Jose? I don’t know.

Here are the reasons why the Switch reveal is making people notice and everyone is salivating over more details…


New console brands historically create the strongest brands. Examples: Nintendo Entertainment  System, Gameboy, DS, Wii, PlayStation, etc. Marketers, based off of OTHER INDUSTRIES, think established brands are great. But in console gaming, it tends to be the opposite. Wii and DS were great brands. But a generation later, they were stale and should never have been re-used. As great as the Super Nintendo was, it didn’t have as strong as brand as the original Nintendo because it was a re-used brand. Console brands tend to depreciate over time due to receiving stigma.

Fresh brand in, stale Wii branding out.


No smurfy hardware. The sleek white plastic Apple appearance looked hot in 2006, but in 2016 it is extremely dated. The hardware doesn’t look lame. The hardware looks neutral as it should be.


No weird gameplay gimmick. People are sick of these. While I know Nintendo used them before as a bridge to new gamers, today people realize Nintendo uses them as a crutch to bolt onto games. Everyone is happy to see them go.


Skyrim on a Nintendo console!?? Skyrim is massively popular among teenagers and young adults. A portable Skyrim? Nintendo better moneyhat that title.


CARTRIDGES! Everyone underestimates this. People are sick to death about how we cannot OWN the games we buy. A card says ‘you own this’. The retro game scene has blown up because everyone wants to OWN games which they cannot do with downloads. Optical discs also do not last. People want to INVEST in a library of games. Carts are the way to do that. Everyone over the age of 30 will look at Switch and be extremely excited to buy cards.

One thing Nintendo can do is to port over hard-to-find games and popular games of the last couple generations and watch masses buy them just to have them on carts. Skyrim on a cartridge? Yes, please. Imagine if Treasure port over Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun to Switch. You would have portable Ikaruga and portable Radiant Silvergun and on CARTS! Convince Konami to port their Gradius and Salamander collection over too, and watch the money rich shmup community buy the Switch in droves. The mini controllers are also perfect for it.

Imagine Diablo 3 on a cartridge or Overwatch on a cartridge. The possibilities are mindboggling.

Due to the cartridge medium, the software sales for Switch are going to be extremely high. People are going to be shocked at those who are buying every game they can just because it is on a cart.


New games shown such as the basketball game and 3d Mario. The new Splatoon game is shown too.


The mobile local-multiplayer has the same break-out potential as the Wii house parties did.


There is no real surprise with the trailer if you heard the Eurogamer leaks. But the real relief is that there is nothing smurfy going on with the hardware strategy.

The next shoe to drop will be the Switch’s software strategy. What games are coming out? What games are being made for it?

If  the trend is away from the TV, the Switch will benefit from those winds. Also, Sony embracing Virtual Reality reminds me of Nintendo embracing it in the Virtual Boy. It’s a really dumb move, and gamers aren’t excited for VR.

It also amazes me how everyone gets in a habit of having their head stuck in the current generation. Just because Nintendo did badly in Gen 8 doesn’t mean Nintendo will do badly in Gen 9. Look at the Nintendo difference between Gen 6 and Gen 7! Truly remarkable.

I am having deja vu sensing a ton of butt hurt and scowls coming from Nintendo competitors including AAA big industry people. “Just because the reveal has a ton of views doesn’t mean it’s another Wii!” No one said it did. But the fact they are lashing out like that tells us what they truly fear.



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