Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 24, 2016

Nintendo: Switch is not the successor to the Wii U

This is from Famitsu magazine: (translation I found on web)

– NS is not the successor of Wii U
– NS is not backward compatible with Wii U and 3DS
– NS will be packaged with Joy-Con(L) and Joy-Con(R)
– The packaging of other accessories will be announced separately for different regions before launch
– Cartridge is called “Game Card” internally
– Specifications of cartridge will be announced before launch
– Battery life will be announced later. The development team aims at allowing players to play NS conveniently at places without electricity connection.
– At this moment, no information on compatibility of smartphone apps can be provided

There is confusion because Nintendo says ‘3DS will still be around and actively developed, but no more Wii Us’ and ‘Switch is a home console’.

From the horse’s mouth, NS is not the successor to Wii U. There you go.

Now, I am not surprised by this. As a longtime observer of Nintendo, I know they follow the generation cycle. Iwata was a believer in it. Kutaragi wanted to ‘extend the cycle’, and Iwata mocked him. PS3 did not have a ten year cycle. (Remember how PS3 was declared to have a 10 year life cycle?) PS3 launched in 2006, PS4 launched in 2013. If PS3 had a ten year life cycle, PS4 would be launching this November.

3DS launched in 2011, half a decade ago. Wii U launched in 2012, four years ago. Wii U is dead. But it is time for the 3DS to go.

“But Malstrom, Nintendo is not just developing for one hardware. They have the 3DS. They have smartphones. OMG!”

Dumbass should know that Nintendo is not Sega, and Switch is not the Saturn. NO WAY will Nintendo allow Switch to be the ONLY THING Nintendo works on. It is too risky! So what Nintendo is going to do is obtain cashflow from any and all sources. 3DS is still putting out cashflow. Therefore, Nintendo will keep pushing it for a little longer. There is revenue from smartphone games, from whatever IP projects Nintendo is going to do, and so on. None of this is hard to understand, unless you are an arrogant hardcore gamer who is trying to be smarter than everyone else. “See! See! Nintendo isn’t going to just develop for one platform! Derp derp derp.”

In terms of major game assets, they will be on the Switch or a Switch compatible platform (Switch Mini in the future?). What is meant by ‘support one hardware’ is that Nintendo only has to provide momentum for the Switch. Nintendo doesn’t have to provide momentum for Smartphones or rollercoasters. Nintendo can do it whenever Nintendo pleases. But their own hardware demands software at consistent intervals which is hard to do.

It is encouraging that Nintendo is wanting battery life to be convenient for those without ‘electricity connection’.

It is also encouraging that Nintendo is talking about the ‘Game Cards’.



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