Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 25, 2016

Email: NVIDIA Tegra – a paper tiger?

When I saw that the Switch had a Tegra in it, the info in this article was the first thing that came to mind. It’s a few years old, and the author historically has an axe to grind with NVIDIA. Nevertheless, what he says is concerning.

The TL:DR version is that NVIDIA has historically over-promised and under-delivered on its Tegra chips. It’s certainly possible that they’ve turned things around by now, and they absolutely want to hit this product out of the park to win more Tegra customers. That said, I have very low expectations regarding battery life and other hardware aspects for the Switch. Also, the part about how the delivered parts never match the ones on paper might explain why both companies are being so cagey with the hardware details.

Ultimately, hardware defects will be overlooked if the Switch has enough great games, but it would be a shame if it had to fight the perception that it was bad hardware right out of the gate because of NVIDIA.

That said, I’m still buying one. I game on portables more than anything these days due to my long commute, and this product is right in my wheelhouse.

Nintendo doesn’t talk about the hardware because the hardware isn’t the product. You play games, not hardware. I know it is cliche, but it is the truth.

Developers will need to know the hardware specs. But consumers do not need to know it.




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