Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 25, 2016

Email: Something that nobody mentions about the Nintendo Switch

It is screen lag. The latency due to the HDTV.

Most HDTV have quite a latency, event in “game” mode.
Given that the Switch is custom hardware, the screen can be tuned to have minimum latency, so I think you will have an even better experience with the Switch when it is not plugged in to the TV.
It made me think about what you said earlier, about how arcade games are not made to be played on big screens, it is true we played those game pretty close to the screen :
Images intégrées 1
Images intégrées 2
I always feel uncomfortable playing an arcade game on HDTV, sitting on the edge of my couch.
Maybe HDTV are an anomaly in history, they are not meant to be used to play video games …
If you were discussing the NES Mini, you might have a concern. But I highly doubt Nintendo is going to put out a console with lag.


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