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Email: Switch Home Edition? And Prices

Master Malstrom,

Back when the 3DS was unveiled, Nintendo requested all third-party developers to make sure their games could be completed and played without resorting to the 3D. Some time later, the Nintendo 2DS was presented – which I believe was always a backup plan in case their “sick 3D obsession” did not pay off. Nintendo did not want games to be impossible to play on the 2DS.

Now, I’m reading some rumors the Switch does indeed have a touchscreen, but it is downplayed and Nintendo is requesting developers not to make it a requirement to play/complete the games (most likely it will only be a shortcut for menus or an alternate control scheme). Now, why is that? Why would Nintendo want to avoid making the touchscreen a requiring feature? Well, maybe they have an alternate console version ready to go: the Switch Home edition. No screen, no battery, the console tucked into the charging dock as a single piece, no way to stick the joy cons (*sigh* that name) into the sides. Cheaper to make.

With that in mind, here are my price predictions (which are not as optimistic as yours):

*Switch – Home Edition-non portable (no screen, no battery), no support for the side joy cons (why would you play holding the console anyway), but it does support outside joycons. Bundles in a Pro Controller, one game in memory (no game card), a power cord but no HDMI cable. 32 GB internal storage.
US$149.99 (THIS is the entry point for the console, the “el cheap-o” version for kids and foreign markets).

* Switch – Basic Edition – portable console in black/silver (as seen on trailer). Comes with a joycon set, one game card title, charging dock, power cord and HDMI cable. 32 GB internal storage.
US$249.99 (I cannot see Nintendo selling it bellow this price – it WILL try to squeeze those dollars from the consumers, specially after the positive feedback from the trailer).

* Switch – Pro Edition – portable console in several color choices, one joycon set, one Pro Controller, car seat plastic support, headphones, one game card title, charging dock, power cord and HDMI cable. 64 GB internal storage.

What do you think?

I think you’re overthinking it. Nintendo will put out ONE model for launch. Anything more creates confusion. There may be more years from now, but I think it will be a response to how the Switch hits the market. What parts of the market is the Switch not hitting? The small kids? OK, here is a Switch Mini for them.

Our glorious analysts (they really do think they are glorious hahahahahaha) think we have seen the Switch. We have not. The product of the Switch is not the hardware, it is going to be the software. Until we see games, we haven’t seen Switch. All we have seen in Zelda: BoW, some Wii U ports, and an EA basketball game. Oooohhhh. Shiver me excited.

More games, Nintendo! Hardware is the bun, games are the beef.

Where’s the beef?

Above: Where’s the beef!?



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