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Email: The Nintendo Thrift…

… Is what I hope the Nintendo is nicknamed.

Your response to my earlier e-mail about the $200 price made me think some more.

I agree with you that Nintendo will be aggressive, and with your point that Nvidia might have given Nintendo a good deal for that sweet, sweet console money. AMD must be sweating bullets right now.

Anyway, the system could be $200 like you suggest, or $250-300 like I think, but what seems to be true regardless is that the Switch was designed for a post-depression economy. Here’s why:
– as you said, no extraneous costly feature to be seen, and no new-fangled unproven technology either. Brings the price down.
– it should be Nintendo’s sole system for Gen 9. Imagine if, back in 2006, you bought one system, and you could play both Wii games and DS games on it for $250? Minds would have been blown.
– this is the first handheld with real local multiplayer. Splitscreen Mario Kart on a handheld is unheard of, and yet it’s becoming a reality. No need to buy a second system anymore.
– this is the first time since the 8-bit era (or was it 16-bit?) that you will effectively get 2 controllers out of the box. True, the Joy-Cons are tiny and might not look super comfortable to hold, but they’re a nice feature to have for children, when playing on the go or for low-income households. Each Joy-Con has a stick, 4 face buttons, two additional buttons (+ button and the square button for left controller, – button and the circular button on the right controller) and, apparently, 2 triggers as well. Functionally speaking, each Joy-Con is an SNES controller.

This might be the system that gets closest to acknowledging what you’ve been saying all this time: that the hardware is a hindrance, a necessary but unwanted expense to get to the software. This should be the system that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Let’s hope I’m right. All hail the Nintendo Thrift!


Yamauchi had a saying: “The game console is just a box people buy to get to Mario.” And he was right.

Iwata and Miyamoto tried to go against Yamauchi’s wisdom.  At one point, they do mock him. I cannot find it but some of Iwata asks pages are missing.

I did find this:

Miyamoto When we thought about what kinds of activities a new player who doesn’t know much about games could enjoy on a Nintendo 3DS, what came to mind was taking 3D photos, watching 3D videos, things like that.

Itoi In other words, functions in the system itself.

Miyamoto Right. Not separate software.

What Nintendo was trying to do with Generation 8 hardware was to give it value of itself. In other words, the 3DS would have value just being the 3DS because it could take 3d photos and the other junk it could do. For the Wii U, it could be the TViiiiii and other junk on it. By giving the hardware value, Nintendo thought they could give it a higher price.

But gamers are not interested in the hardware. We are interested in the games. No one saw any value in the 3DS and Wii U as entities within themselves. This was a huge failure. It was a violation of the Yamauchi Commandment that ‘console is just a box people buy to get to Mario’.

There is so much CRAP in the Gen 8 hardware. We have the backwards compatibility hardware, we have the ‘value added software’ built into it which I doubt any gamer used except for once, and we have the funky hardware like the 3d displays and the Wii U streaming (Wii U was the console AND a gamepad!). When we take all that crap out and get to the basics, we have much cheaper hardware. I think half the price of the Wii U is just that stupid gamepad.

Now we don’t know the entire hardware situation of the Switch. Is there more functionality? Do the Joy Cons have motion control and pointer capabilities?

I just can’t see Nintendo risking sticker shock on their only hardware launch for this generation. This HAS to be a hit.

One thing we will likely see is a Switch XL which is probably a big fat Switch. Maybe a Switch Mini too. We could have many forms of Switch in different sizes. The only issue I notice with this is that the Joy Cons would have be different sizes, and I doubt Nintendo would make different sized Joy Cons.




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