Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 27, 2016

TG16’s Voice

Every game console has a ‘voice’, so to say, music that defines it.

For the NES, I could put down Super Mario Brothers 1-1 song, Zelda 1’s title theme, or even Metroid’s title theme. These would all be good choices for the voice of that system.

For Sega Genesis, I could put in the stage 1 theme of Sonic the Hedgehog as an example for that system’s ‘voice’.

For the SNES, I could put in Chrono Trigger’s determination theme or Link to the Past’s Dark World theme as ‘voice’ of that system.

But I have been wondering what the TG 16 voice is. I don’t want to cheat and put in a CD game theme as that is more of an attachment.

The song I am thinking best fits the TG 16 voice is Area 4 of Blazing Lazers.

Sounds like the TG 16 voice. I want to put up a song of a popular game for the system.

But have you heard the soundtrack to Magical Chase? HOLY MOLY. Here is just one song: the final stage:


I said wow. Go listen to all of it. Is it the best chip tune soundtrack ever made? Maybe. No wonder it costs $2000-$4000 to  buy the US version of Magical Chase.




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