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TG 16 Review: Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

Note: This game was played on actual Turbografx 16 hardware. This is a Japanese only game.

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Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition. Will this game receive the ever coveted Malstrom Award?

This game is famous on the PC-Engine for technical reasons. It is the largest Hu-card ever made, and it is the last game for the system. It shows that, yes, the PC-Engine was a 16-bit console as Street Fighter 2 is one of the flagship 16-bit games of the time.

This game is an arcade port, of course. I think everyone knows what Street Fighter 2 is, so let us make this a short review and get to the heart of the matter.



Above: Someone beats the game on hardest setting.

If you wonder how this version of Street Fighter 2 compares to the SNES or Genesis version, check it out here. The bottom line is that the PC-Engine of Street Fighter 2 runs great, plays great, and is great fun. However, this is the Champion Edition. You can play all the original characters plus the four bosses. It does not have the four new characters of Super Street Fighter 2 or the speed of Street Fighter 2 Turbo or Hyper Fighting.

Above: Classic Game Room reviews the PC-Engine version of Street Fighter 2

There is nothing more to say about this game. Let’s get with the score. Does it deserve a Malstrom Award? It IS a legendary game, right? It is a definitive classic, right? If the SNES and Genesis versions of the game are awesome, certainly this is awesome too, right?


The problem is with the controller. The Turbografx 16 controller uses a two button standard controller. “Then just pick up a six button turbografx 16 controller.” There ARE no 6 button Turbografx 16 controllers. If there are any, you certainly cannot buy them anywhere as they are rare, rare, rare. The entire system is rare now in North America. You would have more luck catching a leprechaun.

Now, there is a solution of importing a six button PC-engine controller. Those are around. However, you would then have to buy a PC-Engine to Turbografx 16 Adapter… And if you cannot find a PC-Engine six button controller, then you need another adapter from PC-Engine to whatever system controller you plan on using. Since the PC-Engine port is similar to an Apple computer port, those adapters exist.

So once you get all these controllers and adapters to play your Street Fighter 2, is it worth it in the end? You might as well get the arcade perfect version from modern systems or play a superior update to the game (say Turbo) on the SNES or Genesis.

Do you know how this game controls on the PC-Engine with a two button controller? Select, One, and Two are your standard 3 button attacks. Run (start) switches the other buttons to punch to kick. It is terrible!

The basic control setup sucks, and it is impossible to find a six button controller for the Turbografx 16. This sinks the game. No Malstrom Award for you!

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