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Email: The Harcore and their Psychosis

See, it’s not the Game Industry’s fault. They are gods!

No, it’s society’s fault.

It’s women’s fault that young men don’t have any other desirable traits except for their job, income, and ability to be a doormat instead of a man. Can’t be because of the effeminate behavior, the poor social skills, the lack of drive, and poor hygiene that young hardcore gamer nerds have. The marriage laws are broken? Then don’t get married, dummies. Don’t let police into your house without a warrant either, even though you want to be a Good Citizen. Me, I prefer to take the Malstrom view: young females must not be very interesting if young males would rather play video games. It’s not hard to get a girl, it’s just rarely worth the effort. Although, young males today aren’t very interesting either, so it goes both ways. Maybe millennials are just boring and unattractive? In today’s world, the most interesting man in the world will always be above 30. This wasn’t always so. And women will be paying for his time, not the other way around…

It’s the corporation’s fault because they went into debt to obtain a worthless degree, don’t create value for the company, can’t sell themselves in an interview. I’ve worked with a lot of high school students and early 20 somethings. Their idea of “hard work” is laughable. No wonder they don’t get anything for it. Maybe 5% of them put in what a person from an older generation would consider even normal level of effort, let alone “hard” work. Can you imagine any of these types working in the oil industry? Or in the game industry back when it was socially undesirable to do so? They’d be crying into their pillows every night.

The winners aren’t really winners, they got lucky. The game is rigged, yo. The Wire said so. No one can do anything to rise or fall from their station. Just play games and wait for sweet oblivion.

The Game Industry is just trying to serve people who society has failed, you see. Just like society has failed the special snowflakes, the transgenders, the fat, the insecure, the easily offended, etc. You’d think hardcore gamers and SJWs would get along better, they have much in common.

Hardcore gamers, like most malcontents and mediocre people, have an external locus of control. They are completely dependent on the environment, on others to determine their quality of life. Dependent on the corporations or the state to feed them. Dependent on “experts” to tell them what to eat, how to live, how to think, what to think, what to believe, where to live, who to vote for, etc.`Dependent on the government to keep them safe. Dependent on people having the right opinions to make them feel good.

And they are dependent on the Game Industry to give them something to do and entertain them, to stimulate them, instead of entertaining themselves and fostering their own creativity. Even then, they can spend $3 on a GoG sale and get a game like Alpha Centauri that will feed their minds, or play Gradius 2 on an emulator and have a short burst of fun then go off and do something constructive. But instead they’ll pay $60 for Game Industry trash and sit on their butts for 5 hours straight doing mindless tasks. “RPGs are for depressed people.” So much wisdom in those words. The Japanese old guard knew a thing or two

Psychology is used in everything. Marketing is psychology. It’s used in the making of films, music, and video games, to put ideas and desires into our heads. Human beings are the most studied creature on the planet. Not for no reason. The Game Industry uses psychology to keep people hooked on their trash. Hardcore gamers fight tooth-and-nail over review scores and forum opinions because they are dependent on those scores to justify their tastes and make them feel good. They take it personally if you slam a game they like, acting like the game is a living thing or the Game Industry is doing them a favor “I hate when people talk bad about game X!” “You should be grateful we get games like this!” No, they got my money, I got their game. That’s as far as the relationship goes. They should be grateful I’m feeding them. I can do 20 other things with my time.

Basically, the hardcore gamer is an emotionally damaged, co-dependent person. The Game Industry is their pusher, pimp, lover, therapist, daddy.

PS. The right parents? The right financial backing? Come again? No one I know had “financial backing” out of high school, young or old. I guess we all should have failed and feel screwed. *eyeroll* The hardcore gamer needs life to hold his hand, just like the Game Industry games he plays do.


In David Sheff’s book, “Game Over”, he puts forth early video game business history (Atari and Nintendo) and attempts to paint Nintendo as a type of sinister creature trying to poison the minds of children. Miyamoto said the book was influential to him because the cover had a child staring at the TV like a psycho. Much of this ‘how to change video games are’ resulted into the Wii and DS.

Sheff’s book is read because he tells gaming history in an extremely entertaining way. But he puts forth two ideas he believes, or wanted to believe, were true.

One: Nintendo was using expert psychology to brainwash children, to control them, and to manipulate them through these video games.

Two: Nintendo planned to use the Famicom/NES’s external attachment as a foothold to take over the TV, and take over our lives and households.

No, I am not joking. These were Sheff’s ideas. The idea of Super Mario Brothers being a sinister plot to brainwash children was far fetched. But his second idea did come true but not for Nintendo, it was for Sony. Sheff accurately predicted Sony’s intentions for the home gaming market. Kutaragi was fascinated with the Famicom, he even designed the sound chip for the SNES, and Kutaragi made the PlayStation not so much to compete with Nintendo but with Microsoft. To Kutaragi and Sony, the PlayStation was to take over the living room, to put Sony’s platform into the living room. Microsoft enters the console market, which no one truly expected, and then Microsoft and Sony are lobbing ‘bombs’ at each other over silly video games. We know the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD battle of the Seventh Generation and their stated intentions was to control the living room. Nintendo doesn’t seem interested in dominating industries outside of entertainment.

Generations past, there has been much talk about ‘violence’ in video games. Lately, it is more about ‘sex’ in video games. But I think it is a worthwhile discussion or magnifying glass to be put over the psychological tricks and manipulations games use. Games are not just products on the shelf for people to buy and enjoy. They have become services with free-to-play and other online type games.

I am not excusing people from their gaming addictions, but I would like to know how these addictions are being made. The more we understand, the sooner the Game Industry loses its power and must actually make games that are fun.

And no more hype marketing campaigns! Enough of them!



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