Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 30, 2016

Email: do they exist LOL?

Im Just curious, why would anyone associate their happiness to game companies finical report? They don’t own the company they don’t own stuck they don’t invest, Why the fuck cares, I thought all the nerd would busy fap to “content”. This is like saying the game company cares about my grade. I do saw this kind cringe altitude from other nerdy aspects such as discussion around what countries military tech is better and all that, like a bunch fat ass living with their parent are so railed up about the superiority of the next gen stealth bomber. A frequent theme is flame wars upon “plagiarism” from Russia and China, they talk as if their pride depend on it, but in reality would Lockheed give a damn about their “compassion”?

An innocent! This emailer has never seen the ugly inner workings of gamers during a ‘CONSOLE WAR’. During CONSOLE WAR!!1!!!, gamers care about the financial reports of their chosen companies.

And why do we have ‘console wars’ in the first place? Anyone who has time for CONSOLE WAR!!!111!!!! is lacking for purpose in his or her real life.



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