Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 30, 2016

Video games age like wine, Game Industry games age like milk

When you go through the library of old game consoles, one thing that is striking is how some games do not age while some games DO age. And the games that DO age were always the hyped up ‘big industry games’ back in the day. But that one game, made with the labor of love and had no industry backing, is rediscovered and, due to smaller supplies, costs an arm and leg to get a used copy because it is soooo good. This is the story of retro gaming..

Now, I can take any old game and place it in front of a child today. How the child reacts is amazing. They still respond well to Pac-Man or Galaga. But they do not react well to the ‘game industry’ games of the past. It is amazing.

Back during the NES, I rented every single game of the entire library. Even Stadium Events! I played it all! And then, based on what I played, I would go and buy the games I really liked. When I look at my original NES game collection decades later, it was literally the ‘best NES games ever made’ that fits all the internet lists and top resale today. What an uncanny ability to detect the classics then! Even then, I had a nose that could sniff out the Game Industry crap.

Bart vs. The Space Mutants cover.jpg

Bart vs. the Space Mutants was a huge seller back in the day. But the game is crap. I knew it was crap then, but kids were wowed by the marketing and the licensing.

Dragon Quest IV cover.jpg

Dragon Warrior IV was a game no one cared to get, well not many, and the price for it today is quite high.

Over the decades, you know that the more Game Industry influence is in the game, the greater it will age like milk.

-Games that were pushed for their ‘graphics’ have aged terribly.

-Games around pop-culture fads at the time have aged terribly or, rather, are realized to never have been good at all.

-Games based on fads of other games have not aged too well. It is amazing that the genre-creating games end up remaining as fresh as a rose while the ‘better’ copy-cats still stink.

The Wii library is at its current lowest it is ever going to go. As the years go by, the prices on the Wii games will go up especially on certain ones. The Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Metroid Prime Trilogy are all games everyone knows will go up over time. And there are some games I think are currently priced too low. For example, I picked up a copy of Excite Truck for $3. I think the game is worth more than $3, but I don’t expect the game to rise to any super high value. One game, though, I do expect to rise in huge value that no one ever suspects is the game called Fishing Resort. It has all the signs of a game ready to pop in value. One, it has limited supply. Two, it uses the Motion Plus which means this game will never be ported to any other system. Three, it was made by the Sonic creator. Four, it is a massive adventure RPG inside this ‘Fishing Resort’. So many people tell me that have spent a hundred hours of playing it and that it is the reason to own the Wii. I try to pass this news to my local retro game store owner and he thinks I’m nuts. We will see. We will see. He can’t imagine how a game called ‘Fishing Resort’ can have value. But I point to Wii games like Endless Ocean which are  rising in value fast even though they are more atmospheric relaxing games. *They are different* from most games, and that makes it rise in value too.



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