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Email: What Nintendo needs to do with the Zelda BotW cartridge

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It will have a gold label, but that will probably be it. Nintendo doesn’t give a damn about these little touches anymore. Hell, look how long it took to get Nintendo to make an OPEN WORLD ZELDA or even to convince Nintendo that Zelda was an open world game. We are dealing with some incredibly thick headed people inside Nintendo.

Look at Metroid! Poor Metroid! Is there anyone inside Nintendo that realizes just how BADLY they are doing that franchise? Maybe. But they don’t give a shit. If Metroid is to be saved, it will be from young Metroid fans from within the company. The current Old Guard has no understanding of Metroid.

One trend that has worried me about Nintendo is that Nintendo seems to be abandoning ‘hard edged testosterone gaming’. Now, I do not want a console or game library with nothing but hard edged testosterone games, but I certainly don’t want a game library that lacks them completely as well.

What type of games are hard edged testosterone gaming? Contra, Contra 3, Gradius, various soldier games, F-Zero, Mach-Rider, Resident Evil 4, Zelda 1, 2, 3 Metroid, etc. I think the desire for Metroid also dovetails in a desire for Nintendo to make a hard edged testosterone game. Nintendo may say ‘we want to make games for all people’, but why does that exclude a Metroid or something else that is cool? Gaming, at least the enthusiast gamers, are still made up of young men, so there needs to be some sort of testosterone title. Nintendo offers great estrogen games, Nintendo games are great to play with girlfriends, but that is about it. Men are not going to get excited about Animal Crossing or Kirby.

But do the developers at Nintendo have the sufficient testosterone to make such a game? Have they become embarrassing oompa-loompas in personality unable to connect to the machismo element within over half the population of all gamers?

There is nothing in Breath of the Wild that I have seen so far that makes me want to run away from it (as I did with Skyward Sword, the DS Zeldas, and Wind Waker). I like the apocalyptic world especially with the towers and future technology. I like how they can kill you fast. I like that edge.

Mario has lost his edge. New Super Mario Brothers is 2d Mario without the testosterone. It is oompa-loompa Mario. I hate it.

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One game is badass. The other game makes me want to hide underneath the chair.

I think the big reason why Nintendo is failing on this front is on the depiction of the enemies. As is known in comic book creation, the hero is only as cool as the villain. If the villain is badly depicted, the hero cannot be cool. It is a Ying Yang scenario.

Mario was cool because Bowser was EVIL. The creatures of Super Mario Brothers were memorable and sinister. The hammer brothers are sinister. The Goombas are dumb but bite.

In Mario 3, there are statues of Bowser (because he is vain) that shoot LASERS at you. So cool! And airships. And tanks. And cannons. SMB 3 feels the most heroic of adventures because Bowser is depicted at his most evil. In Super Mario World, Bowser has a Vegas strip as his final stage and the last stage is like a funhouse.

What I want to see from Nintendo is evil being depicted in the enemies you fight. No more of this kumbaya crap. Evil!

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