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TG 16 Review: World Court Tennis

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It is the tennis game for the console, World Court Tennis! The question the reader has, as everyone in the world that is reading this, “Will World Court Tennis earn the very elusive Malstrom Award given to games of immortal gameplay brilliance?” Let us find out.

Above: Boring ass tennis gameplay

World Court Tennis is very reminiscent of NES Tennis. The graphics are fairly poor as the players look like giant babies. The tennis gameplay is more advanced than I would like. Other players say they love how they can place the ball exactly where they want, but I have problems even hitting the ball back. I do not find the tennis gameplay to be very interesting or entertaining. If that was all there was, I’d just give this game a ‘3’ and call it a day.

But there is more.

There is an RPG mode! “What?” gasps the reader. That’s right! Move over Chrono Trigger, the top RPG may be World Court Tennis.

The world has been taken over by the Evil Tennis King. You wander the wilderness, Dragon Quest style, as preppy Tennis players challenge you to duels. When you win, you obtain money to upgrade your racket and clothes. This mode has to be seen to be believed.

Above: Watch this. It is The Most Interesting Tennis Game Ever Made.

World Court Tennis is completely forgettable apart from the Quest mode. With the Quest mode, this becomes The Most Interesting Tennis Game Ever Made. Quest mode puts World Court Tennis up there, in levels of being interesting, to Virtua Tennis (Dreamcast) and Wii Sports (Wii). There is no other tennis game like this. The sheer audacity, the sheer absurdity, of Tennis Dragon Quest is delicious and enthralling. I love it! I cannot get enough of it! I keep coming back to this title again and again. I show this game to everyone and their mouths drop in shock over Dragon Quest Tennis. It’s genius! Combining Tennis and Dragon Quest is like combining Peanut Butter and Jelly. I would easily give this game a Malstrom Award if not for the lackluster graphics and the frustrating and not-that-fun gameplay.

Check this game out. The RPG mode’s absurdity never gets old!

UPDATE: Downgraded to ‘6’ since the tennis gameplay sucks so much.

-TG 16 Games Reviewed So Far-

Malstrom Awards: 
(Addictive and Awesome even today, they refuse to age. Score of 10)

Devil's Crush Coverart.png
Devil’s Crush (Imaginative sound and gothic theme. You’ll keep coming back to this one.)

Galaga ’90 (Purest shmup I have ever seen. This will still be played 50 years from now.)

Gradius (Four options can cause slowdown, but this arcade port remains difficult and legendary.)

Image result for r-type pc-engine box
R-type (Never gets old because it can never be beaten. Fun to try here and there.)

Honorable Mentions: (Good games that are flawed or gameplay has suffered aging. Score of 6-9)

(8) World Court Tennis (Most interesting RPG on the TG 16. Seriously.)

(7) Alien Crush (Interesting, addictive, but flawed. Good to play as a break to Devil’s Crush)

(6) Bonk’s Adventure (Meh platformer oozes incredible charm)

Don’t bother: (Not fun to play today. Score of 5 and below.)

(5) Neutopia (boring, bad game design, can’t hold a candle to Zelda, fire wand is only thing going for this game)

(4) Bomberman (dull and boring, totally surpassed by its sequels on this system)

(4) Ninja Gaiden (Compared to NES: worse sound and controls, terrible parallax scrolling. Nothing to see here.)

(3) Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition (2 button controller is terrible for 6 button game. Good luck getting a 6 button controller.)

(1) Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (The 16 bit version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.)




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