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Email: launch bundles

Question about switch launch rumour and deductive reasoning.

recent rumor from laura kate dale says 3 bundles:

260.00 basic unit
300.00 basic unit bundled with mario
349.00 zelda bundle with pro controller

300.00 for mario. I think this is propable due to Mario being controlled similar to Wii Mario games via split controls.

260.00 provides low barrier to entry for hardcore/ casual who dont really care about Mario or Zelda, but want a different game.

as for 349.00 Core Nintendo players will go for Zelda with a pro controller at that price.

What say you?


This is a great plan if Nintendo wants to go out of business. What idiot is saying such garbage? Now I know there are shockingly high depths to Nintendo stupidity, but the above is extremely unlikely. Here is why.

First, the price points do not make any sense. If $260 was the basic price, why would you be paying $40 more for Mario? Or $90 for Zelda and Pro Controller? The price points do not make any sense.

Second, Nintendo got burned doing multiple skus with the Wii U launch. They eventually removed the ‘basic’ version. I do not think Nintendo is interested in a repeat.

Third, there is going to be very limited stock. I expect around 600,000 units for North America in the first month. This is exactly around the same amount of units the Wii got (I remember, I was there). The very first few million of a new game console are the easiest to sell. The 2 million worldwide launch of Switch units will disappear very fast. There is no reason to do these stupid bundles.

Fourth, Nintendo is very cautious lately. In order to do something like that, they would have to have a good grasp on what the market is and what type of market they are going for. I do not think Nintendo has any idea. We’ve shown even here how Nintendo employees are shocked and baffled that so many people have seen the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer.

Why are we even listening to rumors anyway? Remember before NX was revealed with all the crap that was posted as ‘rumors’? We got the real thing after a while, and then we could actually have thoughts on it. It is a waste of life to spend time thinking about something indefinite.

Most importantly….

Game console business exists as HARDWARE and SOFTWARE. The Switch reveal shows us the HARDWARE side. But the more important side, the SOFTWARE side, is still relatively unknown aside from Zelda and some Wii U ports. The SOFTWARE is the reason why we buy the HARDWARE, not the other way around. Anyone who says otherwise, such as tech analysts or those outside of gaming, do not understand how the console game business works. We buy the HARDWARE only to get to the SOFTWARE. We do NOT buy SOFTWARE to get to the HARDWARE. That would be absurd!

The HARDWARE is really not that important in the end. People say, “Oh, it is so important,” but it is never important. Never. It is the SOFTWARE that is important. In fact, if the SOFTWARE is high enough quality, the HARDWARE becomes immortal. The NES hardware, which is shit hardware even at its time, has become immortalized due only to the amazing NES software library. NES hardware is still being remade today. No old computer hardware is ever remade. Ever. Only game consoles have this privilege of becoming immortal.

The question is not what is Nintendo’s hardware strategy for Generation 9. The question is what is Nintendo’s SOFTWARE strategy for Generation 9.

I have been very concerned about what I see so far. In any business venture, which is what this is, you do not keep doing what you want if the market keeps turning it down. As a type of entertainment morality, if the audience is booing you, you do not keep putting on a stage show the audience hates. Or, in this case, there is an empty theater.

Nintendo used to put out games for everyone. Now, Nintendo is only interested in putting out games for themselves.


Metroid Federation Force. Who is this game for? Certainly not for you, the Metroid fans.

Who was Other M for? It sounds like Sakamoto made the game for himself.

Pikmin is a failed franchise. Pikmin 1 came out on Gamecube. No one bought it. “That is because it was on Gamecube.” No. Software sells hardware. They didn’t buy Pikmin because there was no interest in it. But Nintendo makes a Pikmin 2 anyway. Still, no one buys the game. Miyamoto decides to declare, on his own, that Pikmin 3 was in development when it wasn’t at E3 2008. He wanted to be selfish and make this game. The lack of a Pikmin 3 Iwata Asks tells us that Nintendo doesn’t want us to know how Pikmin 3 was developed… they do not want to say that, yes, Pikmin 3 was announced when there was no development done on it because Miyamoto is a selfish son-of-a-bitch who despises his audience because they want him to make games he doesn’t want to make. Pikmin 3 comes out on Wii U and bombs. So now we hear news of Pikmin 4…

3d Mario is shown on Switch. This is another game the masses do not care for. The masses did not go for Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, SM3d Land, and SM3d World. But that will not stop the arrogant turd named Shigeru Miyamoto to keep making games no one wants to buy. Meanwhile, 2d Mario franchise is deliberately sabotaged by putting in bad music, stale graphics, not allowing the game to use things like ‘Giant World’ and all, and turning it all into a ‘construction kit’ aka Mario Maker. Porting it to mobile would be a way to kill off the franchise… or so Miyamoto hopes.

(At one Investor Q/A, Iwata had to defend himself on this subject. He cried out, “It is not true!” to the idea that Nintendo prefers 3d Mario and hates 2d Mario. But look at Nintendo’s actions.)

To counter this…

Zelda: Breath of the Wild which is the OPPOSITE of the Aonuma philosophy for Zelda, at least recently. But we still do not know much about this game. Nintendo is so arrogant, I would not be surprised that Aonuma thinks his Zelda philosophy is ‘right’, but it is only the ‘tactics’ of the game must be tweaked. This time, the ‘tactic’ is ‘open world’. We’re excited because of how the philosophy is ‘open world’. We can only play the game fully to figure out if open world is going to be a tactic for more Aonuma-nonsense (such as removing all sword combat from Zelda and rely on PUZZLES) or if open world is the destination.

I am getting up there in age, and I, being the most interesting Nintendo customer, can afford to be selfish. If Nintendo bombs out and destroys itself, I couldn’t care less. There are enough game consoles and games out there that will last me throughout the rest of my life. If all game creation stopped today, I still wouldn’t be able to get through all the games of the past.

Now it is time for me to get back to playing Salamander…

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