Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 6, 2016

Email: Switch rumors

Just so you know, the previous e-mailer is wrong. The rumor about the Switch coming in three bundles starting at $260 don’t come from Laura Kate Dale, and they are indeed ridiculous. What’s “$260” anyway? That can’t be an actual price. Everyone knows hardware is always priced in $50 increments.

I’m just saying that because, if you haven’t been following the rumors, Laura Kate Dale and Emily Rogers have had an extremely good track record when it comes to Switch rumors so far. They’re as legit as it gets. Don’t outright dismiss their rumors as the usual outrageously fake Nintendo rumors from people who are not insiders. Their “rumors”, more often than not, are actual leaks, at least when it comes to the hardware. The days when Nintendo managed to keep info from leaking seem gone.

Not that it matters much, mind you. Everything will be revealed in 2 months…

I deal with facts, not rumors or hearsay.




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