Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 11, 2016

Email: About Mundial Court Tennis


I was reading your review on World Court Tennis. At one point you quote ‘There is no other game like this. The sheer audacity, the sheer absurdity, of Tennis Dragon Quest is delicious and enthralling’.

Well, I would like to introduce you to Mario Tennis Power Tour (Gameboy Advanced). It is a Tennis game with element of RPG, made by Camelot (made Shining Force and Golden Sun). Perhaps a worthy contender for World Court Tennis


Yeah, I am well aware of Mario Tennis Power Tour’s ‘rpg’ mode. But there is no true overworld in that game. It is not like classic Dragon Quest. There is no evil Tennis King. There are no random battles from preppy people challenging you to tennis as you wander the wilderness.

There is a racing game that has the same Dragon Quest mode but with racing on the TG 16. Fun stuff.



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