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Email: The feel of the NES Mini

Hello Master Malstrom,

I’m writing this fresh from trying out the NES Mini by Nintendo on a lag
free TFT Monitor (I hate HDTVs as they suck for arcade gaming due to all
the unnecessary features they have and partially strong lagging)

As someone who owns the oldschool Famicom (AV Version that uses regular
controllers) with lots of games, and who played most of those games as a
kid, The NES Mini Games feel exactly like on the original hardware.

The timing is spot on, I tested it using Super Mario Bros., Mega Man and
Super C as those are the games I played the most and know exactly how
they are supposed to feel.

There is also an additional feature where you can emulate a crt TV and
this feature emulates the TV pretty well much better than the most and
certainly better than the Framemeister. Playing the games felt great and
it sadly reminded me that it is the first console since the Wii where I
was actually excited to play it and was hooked immediately unlike the
modern HD systems where I have to fight myself to even turn them on as
they feel boring and soulless.

Maybe some day a new company will emerge and deliver on those kind of
games that made gaming popular in the first place, but for now I’m
hoping the Switch goes into this direction.

Today one of my colleagues brought a freshly bought NES Mini to work and
we hooked it up, it had everyone’s attention instantly and brought the
work to a grinding halt. That’s the power the old games have that most
new industry games or Japanese culture games never will. Anyway gotta
go, Zelda II isn’t beating itself…


Ahh, the emaiiler is playing the BEST Zelda game.

I can see the appeal of the NES Mini, and I know it will sell out everywhere. But the problem is that I am further along.

“What do you mean by that, Malstrom?” sneers a reader.

When you play some of the classic games, you find out that you really like playing them and want to dive into them some more. The NES Mini may be people’s first step, but it will lead many of those buying the NES Mini to go buy original NES systems and collect cartridges again. And then, those same players will then wander from that NES to other game systems they may have missed…

…such as the Turbografx 16.

I consider myself ‘further along’ than these people. They will be following in my direction.  The problem is that there are not enough classic systems to go around. The Turbografx 16 is already hard to find. Neo Geos are rare (but are its games any good? Meh).

I think a Turbografx 16 Mini, which would ironically be the same size as the PC-Engine (hahahahahaha), would rock people’s worlds. 30 games on it? Easy.

Y’s I and II

Lords of Thunder

Gate of Thunder

Devil’s Crush


Military Madness

Bonk’s Adventure

Bonk’s Revenge

Bomberman ’93

Dragon’s Curse

Legendary Axe

Bloody Wolf

Soldier Blade

Blazing Lazers

Super Star Soldier


Air Zonk

Ninja Spirit

Neutopia I

Neutopia II

Alien Crush

Dungeon Explorers

Galaga ’90

Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes

Order of the Griffon


Aero Fighters

Parasol Stars

Monster Lair

Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu

Here are 30 Turbografx 16 games that are not imported. These 30 games will be more fun to play than the 30 games on the NES Mini. Most people have never played those games before, whereas most people have played Mario and Zelda to death.

We have Atari Minis, Genesis Minis, and NES minis. But where is the SNES mini? And where is the Turbografx 16 mini? Hudson? Where are you? *cries*



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