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TG 16 Review: Shockman

Note: This review was made on actual Turbografx 16 hardware with no emulation

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This is Shockman. It is the second Japanese game which is simply called ‘Shockman’ when it got released in the West. It is the Mega Man of the Turbografx 16. You ask: “Is this a great classic that time has forgotten?” You wonder: “Has Mega Man 2 finally met its match?” You plead: “Does it earn the Malstrom Award, the Most Distinguished Award in all of Gaming ™?”

We have but one way to find out…

Shockman is said to be a Mega Man clone. This isn’t exactly true. Stylistically, it is like Mega Man with the character being a human that can turn robotic, fires like Mega Man, has a charged shot like Mega Man, and lives in a futuristic robotic universe. But the differences are many. There is no stage select. The stages are few. However, the game turns into a shmup for several levels (in Level 2, for example, it is underwater, and you are in a submarine shmup). Shmups! Shmups! Shmups! This is the Turbografx 16 after all.

Two huge differences from Mega Man style gameplay is that you can shoot UP. Yes. Capcom never allowed Mega Man to shoot up which is interesting. Here, you can. The other difference is that you can play as two different characters which have some different abilities… and you can do so in co-operative simultaneous mode. Both people will be using one life meter though so the game won’t necessarily be easier.


What makes this game, at all interesting, is its musical type vibe (some good stuff), the two characters you can choose, the endless continues, and the two player co-op. It also makes you nostalgic for Mega Man. This game is not fun to play at all. The gameplay is really lacking beneath the neat graphics. No Malstrom Award in this. Avoid!

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