Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 24, 2016

Email: The making of Zelda 1

Miyamoto talks about computer RPGs and bringing the sense of adventure from movies (such as Indiana Jones) to a video game:

Nintendo used Ravel Bolero as the opening theme to Zelda at the time. But they realized it wasn’t copyrighted but would be in one month (!). They couldn’t wait, so they made another theme at the last minute. It sounds almost divine willed.

Here is Ravel Bolero, the original Zelda theme:

Here is what we got as the Zelda theme:

Here is Ravel Bolero how it would have sounded through a NES. Is this what the original theme of Zelda sounded like? If the composer was born one month earlier, it would have been:

Let us not forget the Ocarina of Time song called ‘Bolero of Fire’. Obviously, an inspiration.

Miyamoto’s description of the NES as ‘competition’ is odd since the NES had no competition, not in Japan or the US. NES was very much a Blue Ocean console. But Miyamoto is referring the NES as competitive to the arcades which, in that case, it would have been most disruptive. NES was crappy hardware compared to arcade hardware. Yet, NES offered different values. You can OWN the game.



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