Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 10, 2016

Email: Let’s talk about a silly question


Although it can be obvious I still want to poke fun at this topic. That is despite the political pressure, we still have not seen any serious effort to make an “ugly” or overweight hero or sex model in any from of entertainment. It seems humans of all walks of life just cant get over their instinct. We just cant make a fantasy about overweight being sexy. Such thing just won’t sell I suppose. And did you know that Marvel just dig their own shit hole by confirm to the demands of SJW, sales slump, they wonder why all the SJWs and open minded people aren’t buying.

Entertainment is show business.

Show business is about being INTERESTING.

Beautiful people are INTERESTING.

Hence, more beautiful people means it is INTERESTING.

There was a TV show that tried to use ugly people with Freaks and Geeks. Ugly people are not interesting to watch. Hence, the show failed.

“Malstrom,” says the reader, “does that mean you are interesting because you are beautiful?”

No. I am beautiful because I am interesting.



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