Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 10, 2016

Email: Some thoughts on Zelda

Hey master Malstrom
One thing to note about the zelda bird species, they are actually the zora (!?), aounuma made them descendants of the zora on wind waker… yes, that’s right, on the zelda where the world is covered in water, the aquatic species evolved into birds…

I’ll probably get zelda BoW, I am aware that characters in the game will most likely suck, but with an actual overworld I don’t think it will be worse than skyward sword, man that zelda sucked, the only zeldas I haven’t finished are that, majora’s mask and the one with the trains, I miss the enemies from the NES ones, their designs were extremely simple, just animals with weapons, however, the moblins looked like giant bulldogs with weapons, its funny how even Ganon, basically a blue giant pig, was extremely menacing, meanwhile, every new zelda, moblins get worse, pretty much devolving into cartoonish cavemen, each one more ridicule than the last.

It’s a shame they won’t have more than 1 town in BoW, it was cool going from town to town on Zelda 2, I think it’s ridiculous how they just won’t let go ocarina of time, that and how now every zelda must have a place in that convoluted timeline, just adding to the mess that is, they shouldn’t be treated as sequels/prequels, they should just make a new zelda with the core basics of the story and do it differently, just like how link to the past was to the original zelda, just a remake, but that won’t happen anytime soon if ever, such a shame.

Finally, I don’t care what miyamoto and others say, Zelda 2 is the best zelda (currently replaying it on my nes classic), it has the greatest combat mechanics of all existing zeldas, skyward sword had potential here, but they screwed up, no progression in enemy reactions, the only way the increased difficulty was making their block hurt you, and that was as far as I could get.

I might be going at this the wrong way. Instead of blaming an individual like Aonuma, perhaps we should blame his ‘culture’.

Japanese ‘culture’ is just crap. Where are the great Japanese cultural exports? All you have is anime (lol) and video games. Which type of video games? Ones that celebrate western culture!!! All the ‘Japanese’ centered culture games were kept in Japan!!! Whenever Japan tries to sell their Japanese Culture video game, it goes down in flames. Right, Okami?

I do find ‘Japanese maddness’ entertaining, but it is not marketable. Hello, Reggie Fils-Aime, reading this post. You thought people importing Ouedan meant they would love Elite Beat Agents. Nope!

Is there any ‘Japanese cultured’ game that is mainstream in a Western society? Don’t say Space Invaders as that was based on Star Wars.



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