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In Nintendo’s eyes, NES Mini is supposed to be the IP booster product

Here is a story. Here is my take on the NES Mini shortage:

Nintendo no longer sees itself as a hardware/software company anymore. Instead, Nintendo now sees itself as an Intellectual Property company. Nintendo products are now ‘IP boosters’. The flagship booster, of course, is Nintendo game consoles and games.

Look, every product has value. Nintendo must keep up the value of its IPs or else it faces complete value meltdown. Nintendo hardware is not valued. I don’t even think the Nintendo software is valued. It is the IPs that sell both hardware and software. We buy the new Zelda game not because it is a good game but because it is a Zelda IP game. The IPs have taken a life of their own.

Nintendo’s cellphone games are IP boosters. They market the IP and general gameplay.

Nintendo’s theme park attraction are IP boosters.

In the past, Nintendo did cartoons and magazines. Those were IP boosters too. I do not see too much change in all this.

I am not sure what the profit value Nintendo gets from selling a NES Mini. But the point is that Nintendo is not really interested in selling NES Minis. Where is the marketing? There is a Youtube ‘commercial’ which even I could have made:


And there is another video of Nintendo Treehouse members playing with the machine. That is about it.l

The NES Mini is a FANTASTIC example of the divide between Nintendo Perspective and Market Perspective (i.e. the real world).

In Nintendo’s world, the NES Mini is in demand because of LOVE. Everyone loves the Nintendo IPs and the Nintendo classics. The short controller tells us that Nintendo doesn’t intend for people to actually seriously play the NES Mini. In Iwata’s words, the classic games are ‘fun to visit’ but only ‘for a short while’. This is how Nintendo saw the Virtual Console for the Wii. But you know what happened? Many people bought Virtual Console games and just played those instead!

In the Market’s world, the Real World, the NES Mini is in demand because of HATE. Everyone HATES modern Nintendo. Everyone DESPISES the Wii U. No one likes Aonuma Zelda. No one likes 3d Mario. No one likes Sakamoto ‘Anime’ Metroid. No one likes Nintendo’s current shit. People would rather have their children grow up with the NES Mini than with a Wii U because Nintendo’s quality is now shit.

The NES Mini insane demand is a REJECTION of current Nintendo.

Nintendo will refuse to see it that way. They cannot possibly believe people actually want to own and play these classic games. Remember, Miyamoto thinks Super Mario Brothers 3 is not a good game. All of Nintendo despises Zelda 2. The original Metroid is considered ‘too terrible to play today’.

Are you sure it is nostalgia? The NES Minis are not exactly going to the 30 year olds who grew up with the system. They are going to their kids. Kids, who have no nostalgia, are playing the original games.

For the past couple of decades, Nintendo has said: “These old NES games were good for their time, but no one wants to play them today. Let us shove them in Animal Crossing for Gamecube for the LOL. Hmm, let us do a NES Classics line of Gameboy Advance games. Let us try a Virtual Console. OK, people like the nostalgia. This is why we layer all our new games with nostalgia trips to the past games. But that is all it is. No one actually likes Metroid. No one actually likes Zelda 2. No one actually likes 2d Mario games today. NES games are too old to play. No one wants NES type games now.”

And yet it sells.

And yet it sells.

And yet it sells.

The NES Mini massive demand, nothing like it for Nintendo since the Wii, shows that Everything Nintendo Thought About Gaming Was Wrong. It reveals that the reason why the Wii sold was more in line to the Wii’s “NES Values” such as arcade-like gaming and scrubbing away of the Japanese anime crap, not due to ‘good marketing’ or ‘casual gaming’.

The NES Mini’s massive demand, of people literally camping out for it everywhere, is validation of this website, is validation of Old School Gaming, and is a the biggest rejection to Modern Nintendo that we have ever seen.

I thought Wii’s success should tell Nintendo that the world hates the Gamecube-esque creative direction Nintendo has gone, a rejection of ‘omg 3d’, a rejection of Virtual Reality type immersion. Nintendo cannot face rejection. They couldn’t believe that 2d Mario just spanked the hell out of 3d Mario in terms of sales. They can’t believe their Aonuma Zeldas line up the bargain bins of game stores.

Nintendo is currently telling itself a false story about nostalgia and ‘they love our IPs’. The story of the NES Mini is the story of the world rejecting Modern Nintendo for Classic Nintendo.

You will never see a Sony PlayStation 1 Mini perform better than the PlayStation 4 (or whatever it is on).

You will never see a Microsoft Xbox Mini perform better than the Xbox One (or whatever system number is out then).

The NES Mini has not been marketed properly, and has not been properly design. It should include two controllers with full wire length. It should have been marketed properly with demo stations and all. And most of all, it should have been made available. It would have sold millions within November and millions within December.


Because no one wants modern Nintendo.

Nintendo is in business not because of ‘fantastic IPs’, but because of diminishing fan capital based off of their earlier hits. The new Nintendo consoles are not creating new fans.

Above: Malstrom said, “If they resold the NES with many classic games, it will sell, and sell, and sell. It will sell not because they love Nintendo, but because they hate Nintendo. They hate modern Nintendo and its slide into mediocrity.”

NES Mini validates with actual sales and actual social phenomenon the value of Old School Gaming and is a clear REJECTION of modern Nintendo.



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