Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 16, 2016

Where are the hardcore on the NES Mini?

Oh hardcore gamers, which nothing stops not even contradictions, have been completely silent on the NES Mini sales blow-up.

Is the NES Mini sales about CASUAL GAMING?

They do not even dare go there. The games on the NES Mini are REAL GAMES. They are HARD GAMES too.

NES Minis are selling because of one thing: arcade classic Old School Gaming which is unavailable today in new games.

NES Mini is not selling because of marketing. There is no marketing.

NES Mini is not selling because of nostalgia. The console is going to kids.

NES Mini is not selling because of casual gamers. The games are very hard!

NES Mini discussion is only about the supply, but no one wants to talk about the demand.

Discussing the demand of the NES Mini will lead people to conclusions that are found on this webpage.

Nintendo keeps rejecting these conclusions to their detriment.

When the Wii sales blew up, was that a rejection of Gamecube-esque Nintendo? No! Nintendo thought it was about the marketing and ‘casual’ step up games.

When the New Super Mario Brothers DS and Wii completely stomped and destroyed 3d Mario, when NSMB Wii made Wii sell 4 million units in United States in December 2009, still an unbroken record, Nintendo’s reaction was: “We gotta make 3d Mario more like 2d Mario.” Hence the Super Mario 3d Land and 3d World which the market again rejected. Iwata pinned his greatest forecast on the 3d Mario ‘with 2d Mario stuff’ of 3d World and got royally shellacked.

With the NES Mini selling everywhere and people camping out for it, what will Nintendo’s response be? Will Nintendo finally realize that their current talent is crap? That no one likes them anymore? That people think Nintendo modern games suck? That people like Nintendo only due to Classic Nintendo, and not due to what they make today?

And where are the hardcore gamers? The NES Mini is the most hardcore game system out there. Yet, they are completely silent. Hypocrites all!



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