Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 17, 2016

Email: Retrospective of Zelda

I liked the idea of one of your emailers about making a retrospective on the Zelda series to point out the bad ideas that were carried on.

I’ve played very few Zelda so I’m not the best to give a complete respective. The first Zelda I played was Ocarina of Time and I didn’t even finish that one. The first Zelda I’ve finished was Zelda 1. The only other one I’ve played was Zelda II.

In my view the series became lame with Link to the Past. In my opinion the game was less twitch based than its predecessors and more oriented towards learning patterns and solving puzzles (and sorry but those were puzzles).

The game was also very kiddie looking. The color pallet (just like some other Japanese SNES games) is like the colors of a nursery. Also why did link have pink hair? Why did he turn into a pink bunny?

Also maybe it’s just me but I find the idea of light and dark worlds cheap. Every Nintendo game that does this feels cheap to me.

Also it feels like this is the beginning of having to go on a intended sequence of dungeons. As they are numbered for you right in the map.

And the scripted events and dialog are drawn out and boring. This seems like when they decided to force story on to the series.

Link to the Past was WAY too easy. We really needed a harder difficulty mode or a Second Quest.

However, I also had the same reaction that ‘this game is WAY too easy’ to Super Mario World and Super Metroid. I do not like how Super Mario World put the difficult levels in ‘Special Zone’ and made it so easy to normally complete the game. The ‘Special Zone’ should have led to Bowser’s castle.

Super Metroid’s easiness made the game palatable for future generations (who lack 2d gaming skills) which I suppose is good. But the original Metroid is a very difficult game by NES time period standards. Metroid was a game you would buy and feast on it for months. Super Metroid you could beat within a rental. Super Metroid is the quintessential ‘comfort food’ game. The original Metroid is anti-comfort in all ways.

Link to the Past is ‘comfort food’ game. Zelda 2 is ‘anti-comfort’.

Aside from the easiness of the game, I cannot fault Link to the Past. I really have no complaints of the game at all. You upgrade your sword (you do not have to do this) and other items. The game does feel evil.

The mirrored light and dark world has always been a western fantasy theme. I liked it, and I thought it worked out well.

I was really disappointed that LTTP was the ONLY Zelda for the SNES. Can you imagine, reader, another 16 bit Zelda game? Can you imagine a 16 bit Zelda 2? Oooohhhhhh…..



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