Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 17, 2016

Switch hands-on tour

Here are the cities:

New York – Jan. 13-15
Toronto – Jan. 27-29
Washington, D.C. – Feb. 10-12
Chicago – Feb. 17-19
San Francisco – Feb. 24-26
Los Angeles – March 3-5

This seems to me to be extremely lazy marketing. A tour is a perfect way to gain market research into different regions of the country. Sure, New York is expected as is a place in California. Going to Canada is fine. But Washington DC? Really? Who cares what the hell politicos think? What type of market are politicos?

Why not go to places like Florida? A visit to Austin or Houston wouldn’t be a bad idea (Houston is the fourth largest US city). There are other places around the country that would be great to gauge reactions and to better hone a marketing message.

One area I think should be realized more is Kansas. Why Kansas? I have noticed that all the best gamers come from Kansas. In terms of how many ‘gaming celebs’ Kansas is putting out compared to the rest of other areas, it is really interesting. I suspect the reason why is because there is absolutely nothing to do in Kansas so they play video games a TON.

We’ll find out about Switch on January 13 which will likely make this all moot anyway.



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