Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 18, 2016


Breath of the Wild must have some sort of connection to Zelda 2. Zelda 2 has Thunderbird and these nasty, nasty guys:


They are bird knights. We know them only as Fokka. What are they?

Perhaps they are the ‘bird race’ that appears in Breath of the Wild. They certainly seem technologically advanced as they fire lasers and dart around the room.

Come to think of it, Zelda 2 was the most futuristic technology of Zelda. Look at the palaces. There were lasers going off, knights riding HOVERCRAFT HORSES (so badass, holy cow), and other sorts of robots.


Doomknocker always seemed like a robot to me.

There is the Final Palace with all its high tech strangeness that is done so well it hasn’t been replicated by anything since. Where did the Great Palace come from? Who built these palaces and why?

Above: The most badass final stage ever made in Zelda.

Maybe Breath of the Wild will explain.



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