Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 20, 2016

Email: History repeats itself

We already knew that the NES was selling out again, but check out this video. It reminds me of that old ’80s news report where John Stossel was hunting for Nintendo games:

Also, the older guy interviewed in the video said he’s buying the system to surprise his children. Malstrom was right all along.

They’re handing out tickets, just like they used to!

Let us go back in time to the 1980s. Reader, crank up the deLoreon.


You have a NES and the following games.

•    Balloon Fight
•    Castlevania
•    Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
•    Donkey Kong
•    Donkey Kong Jr.
•    Dr. Mario
•    Excitebike
•    Galaga
•    Ice Climber
•    Kid Icarus
•    Kirby’s Adventure
•    Mario Bros.
•    MEGA MAN 2
•    Metroid
•    PAC-MAN
•    Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
•    StarTropics
•    SUPER C
•    Super Mario Bros.
•    Super Mario Bros. 2
•    Super Mario Bros. 3
•    Tecmo Bowl
•    The Legend of Zelda
•    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The question is: are you satisfied? If this was your library in the 1980s, would you be satisfied with gaming?

I would say yes. I never owned 30 games. Some I would swap out though. Get rid of Ice Climber, Ghost and Goblins, and Castlevania 2 to bring in Life Force, Tetris, and TMNT 2: The Arcade Game for a fuller NES experience.

If I woke up in the 1980s with those 30 games, I’d just go nuts and wouldn’t leave the house for months. Anyway, it is all way more fun than Hardcore AAA game industry gaming bullshit. Some of those games are extremely replayable meaty games like Final Fantasy 1. So much fun!

The question is how will Nintendo interpret this demand? Will we ever get a Zelda 2 sequel? (shame we never got a 16 bit version of Zelda 2 style gameplay). Will we ever get a truly new 2d Mario that doesn’t have the name ‘new’ in it? How about a true sequel to Metroid instead of the anime stuff?

If you hadn’t played the games to death, you could buy a NES Mini and be perfectly satisfied for your gaming needs. The games are that good.

It’s baffling Nintendo didn’t manufacture more of these because this product has eternal shelf life. It will sell next Christmas too!



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